Motorcycle Shell DIY Garage





Introduction: Motorcycle Shell DIY Garage

Here I made a Motorcycle Shell Garage, using PVC pipe and a Tarp.

You will need 1/4 inch PVC pipe I used 7- 10 foot pieces
10- 1/4 inch elbows
10- 1/4 inch T-connectors
2-trailer hitch (or something to link all the T-connectors together ie. A long bolt with washers and a nut)
Pipe glue
Pipe saw (I used a miter saw)
Permanent marker
Tape measure
Sewing machine

Step 1: PVC Pipe

I took PVC pipe with T connectors and elbows. I made 5 U shapes.

I cut top pieces starting at 3 feet then added an additional 2 inches for each additional piece:
3ft 2in
3ft 4in
3ft 6in
3ft 8in

I cut the sides starting at 5 feet and added 1 1/2 inches
2x 5 ft
2x 5 ft 1 1/2......

Step 2: Cut the T-connectors and Put on the Hitch

I cut the T connectors to slide flush on the trailer hitch. Then slide them on.

Step 3: Cut and Sew for PVC Pipe

When you cut the tarp it is the length of each U shape, so the smallest U it is 5 feet plus 5 feet plus 3 feet plus additional room for the piping and sewing this will be the length of the tarp piece.
Measure the height by standing the PVC pieces all up with the middle piece straight up and 90 degrees and side pieces at 45 degrees, the distance between the two pieces is the height of the tarp.
Measure the 3 feet plus(sewing for pipe) on the center of the top of the tarp and begin to slope to the ends of the length of the tarp. Sew 3 inches along edges of tarp at all the places where the pipe will fit inside.

Step 4: Sew for PVC Pipe

Sew 3 inches along edges of tarp at all the places where the pipe will fit inside.
When you get to the joint area I left a small place in order to get to the joint to glue the elbow In place.

Step 5: Finnished

Put it all together and glue all the joints ensuring that your pieces are straight.



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Does this garage have UV ray protection? Sometimes, a motorcycle cover can be destroyed in one summer by the sun's rays.

I live in the Texas Panhandle. The one and only constant here is the wind. How are you keeping your cover from blowing away? Are you staking the trailer hitch pin to the ground in some way? Are you staking each end down in some fashion? If so, did you create grommets or a stake loop in the tarp for this?? If not, that may be a future suggestion for an improvement.

I have a wheel chalk that weighs about 50 lbs and I have it wire-tied to the front pipe, I did happen to sew three of the grommets from the original tarp. These are where I hooked the ties to. Thank you for the suggestion. There are many improvements that I have thought of... Keep them coming it will help others with their ideas.

I would imagine a mixture of paracord, zipties and tent stakes could remedy any wind issues.

Filling the first and second pipes with sand or concrete would also remedy that issue without adding to the size of the structure.

Just curious, but what is the basic pattern and sewing locations for the tarp. I tend to do better with details.

I wouldn't mind knowing this as well!

Can you break down whine tarp part? It's a little confusing the way it's explained above. Thanks

cool...can you make one that fits on a GIVI box...then you just pull the tarp to cover the motorcycle?