Picture of Mouse Mouse!
Hacked travel-size (hardware) mouse + taxidermied (wetware) mouse = Mouse Mouse!
Fully functional, and furry!

Warning: this project involves taxidermy, dremels, and sometimes graphic pictures of dead animals. While there are no guts in this tutorial, viewer discretion is still advised. If you are offended by this entire idea, please peruse the wallet contest or the laser cutter contest instead.

Concept by noahw
Implemented by noahw and canida.

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Step 1: Acquire mice

Picture of Acquire mice
Obtain a small travel-size (hardware) mouse. This one is a wired mouse that is way to small to use comfortably every day, but perfect for going inside of a mouse.

Obtain a similarly-sized (wetware) mouse. These are commonly available fresh or frozen from pet stores, or any other place that sells reptile food. It's easier to fit a small object into a large mouse than a large object into a small mouse, so err on the side of caution. You can always fill extra space with cotton balls.

If you've got an optical (hardware) mouse, make sure to choose a pale-furred (wetware) mouse for lightest skin pigment - this will be important later.
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zenilorac7 years ago
now featured in the latest edition of Bizarre magazine
not on the website yet...

good work
lemonie7 years ago
This instructable was featured in Friday's Metro:
(The printed version did have a picture)
So that's exposure to a million bored-commuters.

Mz.Liz1 year ago
That's sick.

It looks so real!

dmark2 chatrooms3 months ago

maybe because it is!

davidbarcomb4 months ago

I would do this but not using real mouse. Stuff toy is better

TatyanaZaraza7 months ago

hijos de perra!!

twilightfox7 months ago


GothicSpeaker8 months ago

If this was a stuffed animal mouse/ toy mouse I could laugh about this, but although this mouse already didn't live anymore before you used it for this I still think that this is horrible. I think that you should even have respect for the remains and if you feed it to a reptile, there is at least some way in which nature uses it, but this is to me, disgusting.

This is similar to an artist in my country, Tinkebel, she has used her cat which passed away for an artwork which most people thought was disgusting. I don't know what to think of it, I think it's just to shock people and I think the same of this too.

If you can use a stuffed animal, why don't you do that? That's at least funny.

chall321 year ago
I feel bad for that should of used a stuffed animal not a real one...that is kinda gross one and 2 really sad :( no affence
KingRyt chall328 months ago

The mouse was already dead, he just put another use for it than feeding reptiles

Of course. Trying this with a dead human fetus wouldn't be so fun.

ew !

revelation11 months ago

What do you call a mouse with no balls? An Optical mouse !

Omg that is awesome keep up the good work
mvernon21 year ago
I have a pet mouse :(
kguns11 year ago
i think is like ammm WOOOOOOO, but... i feel sorry for the mouse u////u
but well i just tried with a fake mouse......
laffinm1 year ago
That is hilarious!
I had the same idea time ago, but I only drew it in 3D :-) PC-Mouse
Now new featured in the latest edition of magazine. Using the real mouse is

Pfarmkid1 year ago
This is so wrong yet so right lol!!!
I just realized i also made the first comment on this since '07 wow.
Holy. Mackerel! Was not expecting this one!
R.I.P Mouse :'( :P
lautn2 years ago
Using the real mouse is crazy >o<
k2iran2 years ago
that poor mouse Creeps me out :D
charlyoak2 years ago
Although I can appreciate you talent, maybe an instructable for a fake mouse will appeal to those less squeamish or those against dragging dead animals across a table to finish their taxes (seems a little foreboding).
hahns charlyoak2 years ago
"...finish their taxes..."

Dare I say...'tax'-idermy?
hopeeckman 2 years ago
:( nice concept but using a real mouse is just sad
3366carlos2 years ago
awesome, you shoul'da used a wireless mouse.
Bartuss2 years ago
Good present for ppl who don't actually like mouses ;P
caarntedd2 years ago
This is awesome. Creepy, but awesome. I love it. My wife would kill me.
wolfgang642 years ago
I want to make one and hook it to my daughters computer and catch it on vidio !
AAAAAAAAAAaAAAAAAAGH....oh right it's not real

Looks pretty freaky though if only there was a motor in the computer mouse and scare the heck out of my mum. Lol
there are plans for a motorized mouse on make magazine but without the skin.
joshabgvghn2 years ago
Nice(ish) idea can/will there be a v2? Maybe use a fake mouse instead, it didnt freak me out but I found it a little weird
ranma2092 years ago
This is too much mouse trolling for me...
Raitis2 years ago
Probably the most bizarre thing I've seen here. Had quite a laugh though! :D
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