Picture of Multiple Stab wound Costume for Under $5
I had to think of a quick, subtle and cheap costume to wear to work for Halloween this year, and came up with this idea. I work as a counsellor at a University, and wanted to try and integrate work into my costume. While looking around the office I noticed that I had tons of departmental pens laying around and thought: 'how cool would it be it is looked like one of my students disagreed with my advice and took the liberty of forcing a handful of pens through my chest?'

In total this costume took about an hour to make and only cost me about $5.00 and came out really nice. I found it easy to move around in, and I hope my students find it amusing.

This Instructable can be modified in many ways to suit your personal preference and environment. I hope you enjoy.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
The Materials for this project are very easy to find, and most can be found in your house or place of work.

One white Tee-Shirt (Free)
One white or light coloured dress shirt ($3.99 at thrift shop)
Instruments of pain (Free)
Piece of cardboard (Free)
Fake Blood ($1.00)
Hot glue (Free)
Sewing kit (Free)
Dremmel or hand saw (Free)
Scissors (Free)
Black pen (Free)

It is important to note that a light coloured shirt works best as you can see the blood much better. This would have little effect if you used a black or dark shirt.

Step 2: Lets Get the Base Going...

Picture of Lets Get the Base Going...
The first step is to take the piece of cardboard and cut it to fit the area you wish to impale your self. I chose my chest, and gave it a simple curve to help fit better.

Next, pin the cardboard to the inside of the shirt. Once you are happy with it position proceed to sew the cardboard to the shirt to help it stay in place.

Step 3: Marking Location for InStruments of Pain....

Picture of Marking Location for InStruments of Pain....
Next, you will want to take a pen and mark the areas you want to have the instruments of pain located, in my case, the pens. Once you are happy with the layout, put on you dress shirt and copy the dots on to it. This will make it easier to match up when you add the dress shirt to the rest of the setup.

Step 4: Let the Stabbing Begin....

Picture of Let the Stabbing Begin....
Now, once you have cut your pens, or other items to your desired length, its time to attach them to the shirt. For added effect, I applied some fake blood inside the pens to increase the look of bleeding.

First, cut a small slit in the white tee-shirt were you made your mark. Position the pen to your liking and apply some hot glue. Hold it in place for about a minute and then continue to the next pen.


TO add effect, change the angle of insertion, but not to much, as it will be hard to get the dress shirt over.

Step 5: Add Some Blood.......

Picture of Add Some Blood.......
Once you have glued all the pens in place, apply some fake blood (or real if you have any laying around) using a Q-tip. This is applied to the areas around the tee-shirt to cover the glue and to cover any white areas when the dress shirt is put on.

Step 6: Almost Done…

Picture of Almost Done…
Ok, we are close to the end now. Take your dress shirt and make a slit were you had marked earlier and apply some fake blood to these areas. I found that a couple of layers worked best.

Step 7: Looking good...

Picture of Looking good...
Once everything has dried, its time to put on your dress shirt over your tee-shirt and pens. Be careful when doing this, as I found I loosened two pens, and had to re-glue them. You are all done now. I hope you enjoyed this Instructable, and try something similar.

I thought of making the pens squirt blood, but decided against it, as my boss would not have appreciated blood stains all over our carpet.
0000hawk2 years ago
Dremmel and hot glue for free? They don't even serve eggnog and rum in halloween! You sir, are drunk as anyone can ever be.
cfgack2 years ago
Here is one we did a couple of years ago.. Similar idea with pencils...
scooter76 (author)  cfgack2 years ago
Very cool
CaseBoy4 years ago
i am thinking of doing this with pencils
hackerlife5 years ago
 Hey man!
I just did this for my costume and it turned out great!
(the pens did not last through the zombie battles, however ;-) )
I also neglected to actually READ  the instructable, and I'm sure I would have saved my self some time and effort if i had
hackerlife5 years ago
Hey, I'm planning on doing this tomorrow for halloween, it looks great!
I want to go as a "corporate zombie"
Does anyone have any idea of how I could attatc a stapler to my chest as well?
Great 'ible
deofthedead5 years ago
Haha, yes. Awesome. Some of my coworkers and I are being Walmart employee zombies for halloween this year, in torn up versions of our uniforms and everything. I think I shall certainly incorporate this. muaha. You rock.
soulcalibur5 years ago
here's my version:
Picture 001.jpg
scooter76 (author)  soulcalibur5 years ago
Well done
soulcalibur5 years ago
i'm in the procesof making this. it's taken so long because i used some yellow adhesive glue instead of a hot glue gun. took a whole night for it to dry. yeat, i only glued one of the pencils on, to test it, which means i have the rest to go. i'll try and post it sometime.
Kill_Roy6 years ago
Thats really cool good job!
Kaiven6 years ago
*Ideas fly around me*
St Andy6 years ago
Sweet and easy, well done
scooter76 (author)  St Andy6 years ago
cool! but would green blood work?
scooter76 (author)  super-random6 years ago
Maybe if you were some tyoe of alien under that shirt. However, green blood would look really cool