Step 3: Multiplying Whole Numbers With fractions and Improper Fractions

Multiplying Whole Numers With Fractions
To multiply whole numbers with fractions we need to turn it into an improper fraction because you cant multiply:
3 3/4 X 5 1/2

So you have to turn the number into an improper fraction.

Improper Fractions
Before we continue I recommend you know how to use fractions and know what they are.

An improper fraction is a whole number and a fraction turned into a fraction or a fraction with more parts than is in 1 whole.

An improper fraction:
That is equal to 1 1/4.

That is equal to 2 because there are 2 pieces when 1 piece makes up 1 whole.

To get that you take 3 3/4 then you multiply the whole number(3) by the denominator(4) and add the numerator(3), and you get:
See Image.

Now that you have an Improper fraction you can mutliply that with other fractions or improper fractions all day long.

15 4
14 3
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