Mummy Dogs





Introduction: Mummy Dogs

These quick and easy Mummy Dogs are sure to delight your crowd of hungry goblins!
Hot dogs and biscuit dough make these tasty treats a snap to whip up.

Use veggie dogs or sausages for a different twist.

Step 1: Round Up the Goods

Hot dogs, biscuit dough (fresh or store-bought) and mustard are all you need to turn out these ghoulish delights!

One roll of biscuit dough will cover one eight-pack of dogs.

Preheat your oven to 375oF (190oC)

Step 2: It's a Wrap!

Roll out your biscuit dough (I have a serious weakness for Pillsbury Crescent Rolls), and pinch together any seams.

Cut into strips about 1" wide.

Wrap your dogs!

Step 3: Bake

Chococat says 12 minutes (at 375oF) is all you need.

Step 4: Decorate

Use mustard to add eyes, and you're done!

These treats are so easy and addictive, you may find yourself making them long before and after Halloween.

Take notice when these mummies are being devoured - people always start with the head!

a similar recipe can also be found on Pillsbury's website. Try it with cheese!



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    Thanks for the recipe! I made these for a Halloween party and they were gone in a matter of an hour. I made them with cheese-filled lil smokies. 3 packages of crescent roll dough for the wrapping.

    I made a kitty litterbox cake and although nobody really wanted to touch it at first, that too was gone by the end of the party.

    I love these! Great idea. I think without the eyes, they could simply be full-scale mummy fingers. gross :)

    :) Thanks so much for this recipe!!!!!

    I made these they were awesome!!!

    fabulous mummy dogs - they look gorgeous.

    OMG these were as tasty as I remember wrapped hot dogs as a kid, and they are adorable. My kids classmates are gonna love 'em! Thanks!!


    This is the 3rd halloween instructible of yours that I am going to make for school parties!!!

    Can't wait to make 'em!! Will try and post a picture!

    Whenever I plan party food, my boyfriend always wants pigs in a blanket, so I also did these with lil smokies (cocktail weiners) - the turkey kind. I called 'em "baby mummies". I did the eyes right out of the oven (people were already starting to show up!) and they either evaporated or got soaked into the juiciness of the dogs... they were still cute though. I wish I had taken pictures :\ Those were the only food I made that was completely gone by the end of the party.

    Ooh i love those! i made them for halloween years ago! thanks for reminding me how to make them :)

    i make those 2, but i call them 'hot dog roll-ups'

    I love the decorations. Maybe I should do something like this for Christmas!

    You got my vote!

    i gonna eat it at halloween

    Great execution and terrific results! Thanks for sharing.

    I first saw this idea last year; may I suggest? Baking in eyes of capers or peppercorns, if serving for adults? The second time I made them I used jumbo dogs and sausages with petit pois for eyes

    It's a little fussy, but these make a fun hors d'oeuvre using vienna sausage or little smokies.

    Cute! My kids are going to have a surprise for lunch, one day soon. I also got a kick out of the fact this 'able is labeled 'Pro'.

    1 reply's labeled Pro" because the poster has a Pro membership!  :)

    so nice, i use to b uy this at a store near my house, now i'm doing them!


     I love it! an excellent twist on the pigs in a blanket concept.  Great Job

    we called these pigs in blankets when done with sausages or mini dogs

    Great photos and I love your Choco Cat! I think it would be cool to pierce their "faces" and insert little slivers of pickle for the eyes...Green eyes! :D

    My daughter is going to love this!  I foresee a trip to the grocery store in my immediate future. Thanks!