Hello, this is my first instructable I hope you like it. Please comment at the bottom if there is something you don't understand I'll do my best to make any corrections or clarifications. This instructable will teach you how to make a hand cranked mutoscope out of simple materials. By making this device you can see how animation works and how traditional projectors work. I wanted to build this because I love antiques and wish I grew up during the penny arcade era. I hope you like it! This project overal costed me about $20-$30 just what a student can afford :)

What is a Mutoscope?
A mutoscope is a primitive version of the TV and Movie projector. The mutoscope was developed by Herman Casler in 1894. Mutoscopes were found at many Penny arcades and Piers. The mutoscope industry crashed when the projector was invented and movie theaters were built. However there still remained an audience when the mutoscopes started to play exotic dancers on their reels. Mutoscopes are often referred to "What the Butler saw" because the viewing port made one feel like they were peering into a key hole spying.

Step 1: How Does It Work?


How it works.
The Mutoscope relies on the principle of persistence of vision. It is simply just a giant flip book on a wheel. Mutoscopes can be used to teach animation and how movies work. For more on persistence of vision try making a thaumatrope.

1. Make two circles.
2. Draw one shape on one side (a bird) and another shape on one side (cage).
3. Tape it onto a skewer matching up the images.
4. Now roll the skewer in your hand and its a bird in a cage.
<p>hi, thank you very much for your tutorial! I have a question, is it possible to use another glue instead of Modge Podge? It seem not to easy for me find it.</p>
<p>Yes I would even go as far to say the Mod Podge didn't work all that well for my case. Mod Podge is pretty much standard white glue as far as I can tell. When I built this everything that I used was just what I had access to.</p>
A very nice tutorial. Clear photos and instructions. The problem with the adhesive and your PVC pipe with paper stock cards, Maybe a wood dowel instead of the PVC would make wood clue a very strong bond. Maybe a silicone adhesive could work for mixed materials and would have some flexibility. Im just not sure if silicone would leach into and discolour the cards. Thank you for posting this. The finished piece looks very nice.
Awesome. This is a project I have fancied doing for years. Must find the time soon.
Hey i love your post how much would it cost me to commision u to make one 4 me get in touch with me at davepeel46@btinternet.com
Very cool effort! I can't wait to see the video and finished project with LED's and crank!! <br><br>One note - Casler invented it in 1894, not 1984. I was around in 1984 and we had TV by then! I just noticed that small typo in the page above.<br><br>Great Instructible...keep up the great (and creative) work!<br><br>
Oh thanks! Also, mutoscopes were not very popular because movie theater started to open. so... they decided to put things that you couldn't show in a theater...
Very nicely done! You are a highly motivated student! I always loved these and the whole concept. Thanks for the quality instructable!
Thanks! I am planning to add a video this weekend!
Please rate and critique it so that i can improve my instructables and if you like it don't forget to vote. Also checkout some of the other cool projects on here! I will post the video soon
Me too!

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