Hi from Italy
Although many watches are created binary, my project was inspired mainly to this:
http:// http://www.instructables.com/id/LED-Binary-Clock-1/, very smart and funny.
I tried to improve the design and to add something personal.
I think it's a good result at the end.
The project is not difficult, requires patience, it requires a little knowledge of electronics and the use of Arduino.

Ok, check out the video and if you like it lets start!

Step 1: List of materials

-n.1 IKEA frame called "Ribba" 13x18 cm
-LED to mark hours and minutes (You have seen the first images of the LEDs that there are different colors, but of course you can change them as you like, now is the reference of the project.):
n.8 green 5 mm
n.3 red 5mm
n.2 yellow 5 mm
-LED to light the words "Hours Minutes"
n.7 white 5mm
-LED to light the numbers 1/2/4/8
n.4 pink 5mm
-LED to light the words "binary clock"
n.4 pink 3 mm
-n.24 Resistor 220 ohm (for 5mm led)
-n.4 Resistor 150 ohm (for 3mm led)
-Cartonboard thicker to make LED holder
(we will Insert the cartonboard between the glass and the bottom of the frame supporting)
-Some acetate (4-5) sheets (for inkjet or laserprint) to create the mask
-a flat wire 26 wire
-3 micro button to set hours and minutes and on/off
-A small piece of prototyping PCB to make the shield (see later)
-Some double strip
-n.1 Arduino Uno/2009 or clone or self made. I've used one Luigino assembled by me
-Power supply 6V 500ma or other Arduino compatible.

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