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This is my new kegerator I just finished building. I used a 4.6 cubic foot Igloo fridge from Walmart. I bought a door mount keg kit from Beverage Factory and built my own tower. It's big enough to hold a sixth barrel, 5lb c02 tank and a homemade cooling fan. Hope you enjoy!!

Step 1: Removing Parts

Picture of Removing Parts
13, 6:52 AM.jpg
13, 6:52 AM.jpg
I needed to remove the door panel which contained various shelves to give me more room for the keg and tank. I removed the door and underneath the rubber seal are a bunch of screws that I took out to remove the seal and panel.
dustind011 year ago
Well done man.
ebreindel1 year ago
You rock man. This is awesome
mongojr11 year ago
I got all of how you did it, Great job but 1 question how did you power the fan the fridge is 120 electric did you use some kind of a power reducer for it reposted typing errors to many beers I think LOL
bob30301 year ago
Very nice. Great job recycling/reusing an old mini fridge. Thanks for posting.
jypuckett (author) 1 year ago
Thanks everyone!!
ledshed1 year ago
Nice one!
tak441 year ago
Such a perfect smiple way to find the refrigerant lines, vary nice.
chuckyd1 year ago
It's not too late to coat all the wood with three coats of polyurethane. Then it will be easily cleaned and will resist damage from spilled liquids.
eleones1 year ago
Piney1 year ago
czarnian1 year ago
absolutely marvelous.
jypuckett (author) 1 year ago
Thanks Zargon!! If you build one you'll have to post some pictures. Be careful drilling the top, most have the lines running through the top. If you mount your kit in the door you don't have to worry about it though. Just take your time cause once you hit one, the fridge is worthless.
gluvit1 year ago
Zargon1 year ago
Loved your Build! I've got two batches of killer suds'a'brewing right now... only one Corny Keg.. but you have inspired me to get busy on a version for myself.
Thanks for a job well done, well illustrated and pretty easy to follow.
Good thing you went easy with that hole-saw.. I've often wondered where they put all the tubing for those things... never thought it would be in the top though. Go Figure. But, I will be doubly careful when I make mine.
Now... off to find a bargain "Victim" for MY Kegerator!
chabias1 year ago
Well done! No wife should have a problem having your Kegerator in the house. It's a nice piece of furniture!
this one is cool now can you make one for ice cream
jypuckett (author) 1 year ago
Well thanks! I wish I could take credit for the paste idea but I saw someone else do it to theirs!
This looks great! The tip about using paste to find the cooling lines is brilliant!