My Lego Man/woman Cape Design





Introduction: My Lego Man/woman Cape Design

About: I started to draw in third grade, and i got better now. I got good grades in school.

Capes and Hoods for my Lego Figures came to me because some of my Lego Figures have no capes or hoods because they look a little boring.

Step 1: Step 1:Supplies

you will need a



Cape pattern (see attached)

A LEGO Figure

Paper hole punch of right size helps


Fine tip sharpie

Step 2: Cut Out Pattern

Loosely cut around pattern.

Use paper hole punch to cut out holes.

Cut out pattern on lines.

Step 3: Put It on the Figure

To place a hood/cape remove the head and slide it on the peg part of the Lego figure then put the head on.

Step 4: Finish With the Cape Design

Then when you are done putting the cape on the Figure it will look like the pictures above.



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    This is a very creative way to style and personalize your LEGO figures!

    nicee :)
    you can use felt fabric or plastic bags (thick ones), so as the edges don't look torn and they won't wear out when handled. another option is to stabilize the fabric with some glue on the edges.

    Nice work. Great idea, which I'm going to pass on to some folk who do LEGO now. :-)

    Fun way to make accessories for your minifigures. I am going to have to show this to my son. He is obsessed with LEGOs

    nice work Quileute Nightwing, I can tell that as you keep making these, they will get better and better, great start.