My Shop Project, Part One





Introduction: My Shop Project, Part One

Back in April I bought a $300.00 Arrow® (USA & Canada) steel shed from Sears®. I kept it in my original shed until the right time to start the assembly. Because of different reasons I had to postpone the assembly a few times. It even rained a few times over the spread parts on my backyard. That is the reason why the shed looks dirty. I plan to borrow a high pressure washer and clean everything well.
I recommend the model of my shed SR1010 because it has a lot of headroom. I am 5' 7" (170.18 cm) and I could walk easily inside without bending my neck. I also used my old floating deck and anchored the shed on it. I also had a few plywood sheets and screw them inside on to the deck planks in order to create a nice floor for my new working area.



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Gravel and a drain tile can go a long way in the state of preservation of your wood floor.

+1 Although the base is made of treated lumber and it should hold for a while it will eventually rot. By then I would have replace the original wooden shed with a bigger one. Thank you for commenting!