Picture of Nice candleholders from scrap wood

A few weeks ago I started thinking about what to do with all the smaller pieces of wood I collected in my workshop over the years. All too small to build something, but yet too big to just throw them away. And I came up with a few ideas, so I want to share this one with you, because its rather simple, and you can use almost the smallest bits of wood for it:

Time needed: Less than one afternoon - you can also build much more at once, with only little more time.


biguns8 months ago

Great instructions. My Oma and Opa were both Deutsche! Danke schoen, mein Herr!

This is AWESOME :D

This is AWESOME :D

woooshhhhh5 years ago
There are spray on fire retardants available to non-professionals just in case you wanted to be a little safer. They spray on & soak into the wood & then you finish it - it isn't noticeable. I like to spray it into the cup part.
Is there one in particular that you recommend? I am making some candle holders and was looking for a fire retardent spray.
traversj3 years ago
hi my name is jarrad and i am a student at wesley college in perth and i was just wandering wouldnt it be better to use a sanding belt sorry is i sound silly but iam only 13 thanks.
Jenhaas4 years ago
I love this idea. I had some left over quarter sawn oak, mahogany and walnut and I was able to make 9 of these. They came out great. They are going to make great Christmas gifts. Thanks for the great idea.
patmac4 years ago
This looks great and I like the fact you are using your wood scraps instead of throwing them away, and several of them would make a very nice gift. All in all, a great instructable. Thank you!
RCMadMatt5 years ago
Wow, what a great use for scrap wood! Very nice! If you hadn't said you were German, this silly American would never have known! Great job on the woodworking and your descriptions! ~Matt
flamesami5 years ago
maybe,if you had equal-ish bits of wood, you could glue them, then cut them. It would certainly make sanding more...predictable.
You could also do it if you had bits that were smaller than the others, you would just have to put them higher the smaller they were...
does that make sense? or am I talking out of my a*s?
I would like to give you something to think about. Instead of doing them square try to give them a shape like a cylinder or even an in-regular shape cutting them on the band saw. And with the different wood types and colors glued together you will get very unusual results.

Nice instructable
arthas5 years ago
this is a great idead and looks great and all but wouldnt the wood burn with the candle im only 14 and new at this so just wondering
ChrysN5 years ago
Nicely done!  Using different types and colours of wood gives it a really interesting look!