Picture of NiftyBender Deluxe - A tool for the stripboard user.
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The NiftyBender Deluxe is a simple jig which allows you to quickly and simply bend link wires to fit a 0.1" pitch matrix board spanning 1,2,3,4,or 5 holes.
This was initially just the NiftyBender, but then I thought of a refinement to let you make a link in 10 seconds or less.  So was born the NiftyBender Deluxe.

Step 1: Tools and Materials.

Picture of Tools and Materials.
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You will need a scrap piece of matrix board (Veroboard).  The unclad is better for this than the copper strip type as it is easier to work.  You will also need 8 or so connection pins (Veropins).

The essential items are a sharp craft knife, pliers and cyanoacrylate adhesive (superglue).  I used Gorilla cyanoacrylate as it's a gap-filling glue. 
A Dremel would be useful, but use a small flat file if you don't have one.  The best tool for cutting the board I found to be a nibbler (see pic) but the knife and pliers will suffice.  A pair of wire cutters (not your best ones) also works well.

(Instructables - Many thanks for the Dremel Minimite - now being put to good use, once I'd bought a 240V to 110V adaptor.)

park474 years ago
Thanks....your invention made my Weekend a lot happier. :)
kooth4 years ago
I will be making one of these! Great idea and easy to do. Bob
not to burst your bubble, but this too does exist:

AndyGadget (author)  thatoneguydavid5 years ago
No bubbles burst.  Someone else mentioned that device by PM.  That is similar to my first design which was a bit fiddly as you have to form both sides at once and it is harder to get the angles accurate and the corners sharp.  (The cutaway for the component is a good idea though.)  The 'trapping' mechanism of my Deluxe version speeds things up and gives a better end result.
zoltzerino5 years ago
 Very nice, bruvva!
Fred826645 years ago
cool make your own staples file the wire ends to a sharp edge as well for the electronics jumpers  
Blofish5 years ago
Outstanding! Very useful!
lemonie5 years ago
That looks useful!