Ereaders, like the Nook and Kindle, have revolutionized the gentle art of reading, sure.  But at what cost?  Can you really feel enlightened and ennobled reading Marcus Aurelius' "Meditations" holding an antiseptic piece of glass and plastic?  Don't you miss the feeling of holding an open book in your hand when you're reading?

In this instructable, I will show you how to create a cool book cover for your eReader or small tablet.   The cover is secure enough to hold your eReader in a natural vertical reading position and it will also protect it from bumps and scratches in your purse or backpack.  As a bonus, all of the buttons and ports are still accessible, so you can put your gadget right on the charger, without taking it out of its case.

Lets get started.

Step 1: Pick the Perfect Book

This is the most important and time consuming part of the project.  Seriously.  I spent 15 minutes making the cover, and two days picking out the book.

Here are things to look for. 

1. Right size.  Pick a book that is just slightly larger than your gadget. In all dimensions.  So, just a little longer, wider and thicker.

2. Cheap.  Don't spend big bucks on an first edition "Bicentennial Man" by Isaac Asimov or "I Am Legend" by Richard Matheson.  Get a cheap hardback book that you won't feel bad cutting up.

3. Cover in good condition. Its okay if it looks a little dirty or used, but find one with a solid cover that's not torn or broken.

4. Good title. Decide what sort of image you want to convey.  My local used book store had dozens of Hardy Boys books that were the perfect size and condition, but I just couldn't picture myself sitting at the airport (appearing to be) reading one.

I found this cheap book club edition of "Meditations" by Marcus Aurelius that was just perfect.  (I have a bunch of these cheaply bound classics actually.  "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens was a first runner-up candidate.) 

<p>Has anyone tried command strip velcro hangers? </p>
<p>Great, tks</p>
<p>I love this it is a great idea... Thank you so much for this cool idea.</p>
<p>I LOVE the witty conversational style of your (very clear) instructions! Brava!</p><p>Looking forward to making one of these myself. All the best!</p>
<p>What else would be cool is to create a custom book cover for it on www.notefashion.com</p>
<p>Thanks for the link, but I didn't see an option for a book cover on that site. Just laptop skins. Did I miss something?</p>
<p>Thanks so much for this ible. I left out the elastic strap, and instead of velcro just made some tight fitting slots. When the book is shut, it can't fall out. When it's open friction and gravity keep it in.<br></p><p>It's a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, so I may have to make some cutouts for the camera and a place to get the stylus out easier.</p><p><br>And this book was saved from being thrown out by our library, so I don't feel too bad at murdering it. (I also read it first)</p>
<p>That looks really great. What did you use for the grippers? Is that silver tape?</p>
<p>So the grippers are made out of two strips of thick cardboard (It's an old lever-arch file/ring binder). They were 1cm wide and PVA glued into a right angle. </p><p>At this point I considered gluing them on and calling it done, but thought that they might not have enough friction to keep them in place, so I covered them in tape (the same 'tough tape,' which the plastic is relatively soft/grippy)</p>
<p>Few other comments:<br> - I reinforced the spine with a little tough tape to help hold it together when bent all the way back. (Tough tape is like duct tape but clear)<br> - I didn't felt the inside, because the material holding the tablet in (thick cardboard) provides a slight gap so it won't rub there. This left the place where I had removed the pages brown, while the rest of the cover was green. So I cut a strip of the cover from the first page and covered the spine with it.<br> - The power button was getting pushed when the book was shut so I glued a pad of paper in next to it so pressure would go on the tablet frame rather than the button. </p><p>The image shows all the points above, and is the tablet resting nearly vertically in landscape.</p>
THANK YOU!!! I have been looking around for iPad mini cases and came across iPad Book cases! This is by far the easiest to make and has got everyday tools. (Most of the others require budsaws and stuff) I can not thank you enough!
<p>Excellent Instructable! Time to make some gifts for the family, so off I go to the thrift store to find some worthy books!</p>
Recently brought a third gen kindle second hand just waiting for it in the post now, as I have access to more tools at my mums (I am still a beginner and she is a crafter so already has felt, a strong hole punch made for cutting through pretty much anything, etc) I will be doing this when I see her I think!
<p>Thank you so much for this. I followed someone's suggestion about using the Command strips and while it ads a bit of extra bulk (they do sit out a bit more than velcro) it actually works better with the book I chose.</p>
<p>Great! Looks terrific. :-)</p>
<p>I just read this, and would like to thank you for your time. I'll be building one for my kobo aura HD, and am going to try building up a form between the back cover and the felt to fit the back of the reader, since it's not flat.</p><p>Thanks again!</p>
You should have probably used a hot glue gun for the felt. Also its better to use a micro fiber cloth so you dont get scratches.
I am looking for something similar to make. I got one of those aluminum keyboards that double as a case, the only problem is when folded out. It is not that stable and if I need to shut down in a hurry, I have to clamshell it together&nbsp;again. Plus it is not the warmest on bare skinned laps.<br> <br> This is how it &quot;sits&quot; no way to secure it so if you lean, it slides<br> <br> <br> <br> This is how it closes. It protects, but is clumsy&nbsp;<br>
This turned out quite well <br> <br>Things I learned: <br> <br>Simple is better. <br> <br>Felt combined with superglue can have nasty effects including copious amounts of smoke. Use the proper adhesives. <br> <br>
Well, that's hilarious. <br> <br>It might make a difference if you used wool felt instead of craft felt (that is primarily recycled plastic bottles). <br> <br>These days I am using ordinary white glue or wood glue for everything.
Love it! I would probably use the velcro command strips for easy removal in the future, just in case I need to do so.
I made one of these yesterday...it turned out very well!
Nicely done. Though I won't lie, the thought of destroying a book gives me a definite stab of pain.
Agreed - much as I love my Kindle, I couldn't kill a real, live book and use it's skin for a cover...
As much as I love cows, I wouldn't wait a New York minute to kill one for a roast, some steaks and a few kilos of hamburger.<br>Like the Native Americans, I use all of the parts.
So, what was the &quot;meat&quot; of the book used for?
It was given a cardboard cover, and donated to a local school for teaching English as a second language
Same here. And that's really ironic, isnt it? Since we don't actually buy physical books anymore?<br><br>But go to your local used book store and you will find plenty of trashy old physical text books and romance novels for a $1 each. Or, you can do what I did and find a cheap book that is trying to look expensive.<br><br>:-)
I saw your 'ible when you first published it and thought what a great idea it was. I looked on Etsy&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="http://www.etsy.com/search/handmade?search_submit=&q=tablet+cover+from+a+book&view_type=gallery&ship_to=US" rel="nofollow">http://www.etsy.com/search/handmade?search_submit=&amp;q=tablet+cover+from+a+book&amp;view_type=gallery&amp;ship_to=US</a>, and they were quite expensive. My wife (who is a quilter/seamstress/designer/genius saw your 'ible and what was available on Etsy, and made me one. It is great and costs a lot less than the $79 plus shipping. Can't find my camera right now, but later today I'll post some pictures of it.
So, as much as I liked your instructable, I was kinda sad.. When I saw the first pic, I was like, oh crap, I have some of that series of books, and it sucks that one's getting destroyed, albeit for a good cause.. Then, I saw that it was Meditations, and was really sad, because I would love to have that one in my set.. Marcus A. was the roman emperor/general in the beginning of the movie gladiator. He is considered one of the wisest and thoughtful leaders and generals throughout history.. you should get meditations and put it on your reader.. you may like it.. otherwise it's still an ironic ode to the evolution of reading technology.. :)
Just troll some goodwills, I've found that book six times now.
Ha! Well, I still have the cut-out pages. Should I read them? Or send them to you?<br><br>:-)
LOVE IT! Just wonderin' why not glue on the felt THEN do the holepunching.Wouldn't it be easier??
Hi --<br><br>As it turns out the felt is a lot harder to punch thru than the hardboard. The felt stretches around the punch. You can try to do it in one step. Maybe your hole puncher is more assertive than mine.<br><br>:-)<br>Bits
Great project, thank you. Used a power drill instead of a hole punch. Glued the elastic ends to the inside back of the cover before putting on felt. Had trouble getting the elastic to adhere -- used a couple of different kinds of glue. Got it to hold eventually. Next time, might try sewing the elastic together by hand. Decorated the front cover with a stripe of grosgrain ribbon for color. All I could find was black and white elastic and my book cover is black, so wanted some color.
Here's mine. You guys might have seen these on Etsy -- beautiful but expensive.
Second photo.<br>
That looks very nice. How has it been working for you?<br>:-)
Thank you. It's been holding up fine so far. I was worried that my Velcro that's stuck to the felt might come off, but so far, so good. Next time I might position the ribbon so it's not partially covered by the black elastic when closed. There are a million variations and color combinations to try. If I were organized, I'd collect device information for my friends and family and make these as gifts.
I meant, this style of project is on Etsy -- didn't mean mine. :)
Cool. Post a pic.<br>:-)
&quot;Take a moment to reflect ... What else are you capable of?&quot;<br><br>I really appreciate the zen in this statement: so powerful and true, yet so calming and enlighting.<br><br>Of course was I looking for an instructable, but what did I found: a really nice instructable and insight on the double.<br><br>Thanks for both.
so cute ill make it and gift it<br>thanx 4 the share
This is awesome. I just made my own. Scunci No Slip Grip hair bands (via my wifey) make great elastic to go around the book. Whole thing only cost me $3.
Love it! Thanks for posting. <br>:-)
&quot;the transient nature of existence.&quot; very deep.....and rather amusing in one respect with the application of it to a piece of literature. at the same time....very understandable. all the more so in my case of being a scribe.
I don't think it matters covering the back camera as the resolution is extra pathetic at less than I megabyte. The camera on the iPad is really just for chatting and sky ping.<br> nice ible... lots of lovely hardbacks at Goodwill&quot; bins&quot;... stuff that didn't sell at Goodwill. Not much loss there. buy by the pound.
For those of you worried about destroying a real book, consider a hardcover blank book/diary/journal. Something like this: <br><br>http://www.amazon.com/Clairefontaine-Classic-Hardcover-Sheets-Notebook/dp/B002TD1F46<br><br>but try your local &quot;half price books&quot; or other discount retailer. You will still want to find the appropriate size.
This is a really good idea. Some of them already come with flaps and/or elastic too.

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