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This simple felt iPhone costume is a great Halloween costume for kids! It's fast, no-sew, and inexpensive. Plus, I've also provided the templates for the apps as a free download.

For this tutorial, you'll need: a shirt that fits to use as a template, felt or fleece for the main fabric, assorted felt squares for the apps, my free downloadable app template HERE, a hot glue gun and hot glue sticks, scissors, disappearing ink marker.

Step 1: Make the Template for Your Main Piece.

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First, fold the piece of felt or flannel that you chose for the main fabric in half with the fold on top. Tuck the sleeves in and lay your template shirt on top of the fabric to determine the length and width you want your final costume to be (extend it 1 1/2 + inches wider on each side to be safe). Using a disappearing ink marker, trace around your shirt where you will be cutting.

Step 2: Cut Out Your Main Piece.

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Next, cut out your rectangle, making sure not to cut across the top where your fold is.

Step 3: Mark the Neckline and Shoulders.

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Use your template shirt to determine where your neckline should be and how wide and deep it needs to be and mark this with your disappearing ink marker. I would make the neckline slightly larger than your template shirt's neckline because the felt isn't as stretchy as knit. Then, use a CD or other round object to round each of the corners like an iPhone.

Step 4: Cut Out Your Neckline and Shoulders.

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Cut out your neckline and each of your rounded corners.

Step 5: Make Your IPhone Screen and Add Details.

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Now, cut out a rectangle for the screen (use a CD to round the edges like you did above), a small rounded rectangle for the earpiece, and a circle and square for the power button. Position and hot glue these components in place.

Step 6: Make Your Apps.

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This is the really fun part! Determine which apps you want to make for your costume. I looked at my phone and picked several of the simpler ones. I designed the 6 you see below and included them HERE if you want to print and cut them out to make yourself. Just cut out each piece on card stock (which I prefer because it's thicker) or regular print paper, and trace onto squares of felt. Cut out each component and hot glue to assemble. Now, just arrange your apps on the screen and hot glue them down. Simple!

Step 7: Glue Sides.

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Since the sides are open, you can choose to leave them this way, but I decided to glue the sides together so my little guy couldn't wiggle out. Just lay your template shirt on top of your costume and use your disappearing ink marker to mark where you want the bottom of the sleeve to be. I marked about an inch down from the sleeve on either side. Hot glue the two sides together from this mark to the bottom of the shirt right before it curves.

Step 8: Now Wear!

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And there you have it, a super easy no-sew iPhone costume!


Reesol (author)2012-10-09

watch out apple might sue you over that :)
great job though

Eat.Sleep.MAKE. (author)Reesol2012-10-10

Lol hope not! Hopefully the cuteness factor will deter them :)

EvaM4 (author)Eat.Sleep.MAKE.2015-03-05

I hope so, too. It certainly got me! :)

J-Five (author)Eat.Sleep.MAKE.2012-12-25

I doubt they could

EvaM4 (author)2015-03-05

These are really fun and easy T-Shirts! Fun to make and wear! (I made it, but no pictures.)

J-Five (author)2012-11-02

Is this his phone number 555-AHHH

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2012-10-09

That is so adorable! And I think you did an awesome job on those apps!

Thanks those were my favorite part!

Pixie Puddle (author)2012-10-09

really cute idea :)

Thanks, I couldn't help myself. The apps were the most fun part!

J-Five (author)2012-10-09

SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eat.Sleep.MAKE. (author)J-Five2012-10-10

Thanks :)

rrkrose (author)2012-10-09

This is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen!

Eat.Sleep.MAKE. (author)rrkrose2012-10-10

Thanks! My husband is a technology freak. I kinda think he wants a matching one ;)

rrkrose (author)rrkrose2012-10-09

BTW, your child is adorable.

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