Nutella Nutter-Butter Cookie Balls

Picture of Nutella Nutter-Butter Cookie Balls
Cake balls & cookie balls have become my “go-to” item for pot-lucks & fund raisers... At my kid’s school I’m known as the cake ball guy ;-) With this recipe, I think I’ve got a new winner!

I started off just wanting to try making cookie balls using Nutter Butter cookies instead of Oreo’s.

Step 1: Ingredients

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One package Nutter Butter cookies
2/3 cup Nutella
2 oz cream cheese, softened
2 cups chocolate chips
(optional) White chocolate for decoration
Any recommendation for a replacement for the Nutter Butter cookies, thanks.
BunnyRoger1 year ago
Now I really feel like baking and hosting a party, for one that is ;-)
These look so good!! Amazing!
They do look amazing hey and I like your idea of having them as a party snack.