Step 3: Delayed by an Instructable!

Coincidentally I happened to be following an 'ible for fruit leather earlier today that wasn't quite done and was still tying up my oven. Turned out great but it delayed our dinner a little while. Instructables.com is like heroin for makers. This website is taking over our home.
We have this pretty regularly. The kids really dig it. I mix herbs into the dough and brush the tentacles with olive oil and sprinkle on garlic salt.
Most amazing looking pizza design I've ever come across :-) Great idea!
Wow!!! So creative and fun! I love it! :)
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Very cool! Name reminds me of a James Bond movie title for some reason... ;)
My Dad loves adding a bit of oregano on top of the cheese/toppings!
Make this a &quot;taco&quot; pizza to add the extra level of punniness to the recipe. <br> <br>Of course this only works if you understand a little Japanese.
I don't understand even a little Japanese. But I do know some guys on the internets. Do you suggest I make a Tako-taco-octopizza? Fun to say! Even more fun after saki.<br>
Hey Congrats! I was rooting for you. This one was my favorite!
Thank you! I'm glad my work pleased you. Looking forward to what's next!
This is so sweet! And don't kids just have the best ideas :)
We no sooner had the idea than we were taking photos and scoochmarooing ourselves a new kind of pizza! The pizza rolls look delicious, BTW. Did you know that they were invented here in Duluth, of all places?
Congrats on becoming a finalist! Good luck!
Thank you. Good luck to you too!
You've got my vote
Thanks. Do you think we can eat them fast enough to keep them from breeding?
haha, i dont know, we have an epidemic on our hands!
I've heard of deep dish but not deep sea pizza. :) Love this!
hahaaha!!!yay instructables!
Hi there, <br>I tried this today instead i put pesto on mine and cheese stuffed tentacles and made it a Cthulhu theme pizza. <br>Thanks for the inspiration. Here is a pic of mine https://twitter.com/Nashina/status/296889194268200961/photo/1
Pesto! Thank you so much for posting this pic. I hope it was as delicious as it looks.
I really like how different this looks, a great centrepiece for a party.
Thanks! Every day is a party around here.
What a fun idea!
Really cute idea!!!
I love this. One of my kids doesn't like sauce so he can just have the tentacles. Great Idea!
me and my dad LOVED this awesomely gross pizza! I should know,because this guy's <br>my dad! :)
That's adorable!
This looks 8 times better than a normal pizza.

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