I love chalkboard paint and needed a headboard. So I made one!

You need:

a bed
an old door
chalkboard paint (this comes in spray cans, $7, or quarts, $10)
painter's tape
some old paper
a drill 

Step 1: Step One: Find a Door to Fit Your Bed

Measure your bed. Or don't! 

from wikipedia, standard american bed sizings: 
Single/Twin: 39" x 79" 
Double/Full: 54" x 75" 
Queen: 60" x 80" 
King: 76" x 80"

The door here is a standard-sized door, and the bed is a queen-sized bed. Where do you find doors? Good question! For me, this was pretty easy, as I used an old door that had come from my house (who wants to have a door to a hallway?) which was hanging out in the garage. But this is easy to do even without that. Check places like Habitat for Humanity's ReStore, where people donate their old household items like furniture, kitchen cabinets, windows, and doors, or even some thrift stores. Remember, even if you have an oddly-sized bed, there are tons of differently-sized doors which can fit it--you just may have to hunt more. 

A cheaper way to get chalkboard paint is to mix 2 tbs unsanded tile grout to 1 cup paint. And that way, you can choose whatever color you like! :)
:) awesome tut! Been looking for door ideas for a while. Mine is freestanding, legs go halfway up the back because that's the length of wood I had , no writing on it yet but I like the look of it . I did have to cover up a beautiful vintage door with years of layered paint , but I just wanted the wood!
<p>Since I am a super novice I was wondering how to best attach the legs to the door and at what distance (do you place them even with the ends of the door or not). Size screws, what kind, configuration, etc. This looks super simple and I've had a door for 25 years just wondering what to do with it and no headboard on any beds in the house!</p>
I just put them at the ends of the door, even with the top and bottom. If you wanted to be fancy you could measure your mattress &amp; put them with the space of your mattress between them, so it would match up perfectly with your mattress. <br><br>I don't remember what size screws I used--I think I just measured the width or boards + door (so 1&quot; thick board + 1.5&quot; thick door, or whatever it was) and got screws slightly smaller than that, so they wouldn't poke through the other side. The diameter of the screws really doesn't matter.
<p>Thanks for responding and taking the time to post your tutorial. Last question: you don't mention fastening the boards to the bedframe. Is this free-standing? I also, am looking for a headboard that doesn't attach to the wall, but where the frame/mattress doesn't have a gap with the headboard. </p>
Love it.
This is so fun. Love the whole room. :D

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