Picture of Old T-Shirt To Stuffed Cthulhu
When I saw the weekly t-shirt challenge announcement my eyes went instantly to my box of old shirts I keep meaning to do something with.  Then I broke out my projects pad and got to brain storming when it hit me.  I could make a stuffed animal from my old t-shirt, that would be great.  This left me pondering what animal I should make.  Then bubbling up from the depths of my subconscious like star-spawn from a sunken city in the south pacific It came to me... I should make a stuffed Cthulhu.  So I gabbed my pen and began doodling the madness that now thundered in my head.  What follows is a chronicle of my decent into cuddly button eyed madness.

Step 1: My Mad Doodlings

Picture of My Mad Doodlings
I knew the T-shirt material would be stretchy so I did not have to worry about complex structures.  I was going to keep this simple.  So I broke out my doodling pad and began sketching rough Ideas for the shape.  To do this I had to think of what things were the essence of Cthulhu.  The mouth tentacles and wings were what popped into my mind first.  Then I thought webbed hands but changed my mind later.   Once I had these doodles I could have scanned them into a computer and made a scale pattern but with madness gripping me I decided to wing it.

In case you have avoided madness here are some really rough measurements of the parts before serging.  So you wont have to wing it as much as I did.

Head-5"X7" (12.7cm X 17.78cm)
Body-8"X11" (20.32cm X 27.94cm)
Wings- 5"X4" (12.7cm X 10.16cm)*
Arms- 4"X3.5" (10.16cm X 8.89cm)*

*I did not follow these exactly as you can see from the pictures the wings and arms turned out slightly different sizes.
hiwahiwa2 years ago
just finished! thanks so much!
TinkeringProductions (author)  hiwahiwa2 years ago
That looks great! I think your hands turned out way better than mine. Also thanks for posting a picture it is super fun to see another cuddly Cthulhu out there in the world.
hiwahiwa2 years ago
i'm in the process of making this, i just have to finish the body. I made a few adjustments, including joining the arms and wings together and also adding another row of tentacles to the face from the backside. thanks so much for this awesome instructable!!
Bergamot3 years ago
Oh, that's so amazing! I only learned about cthulhu recently, from a friend( you don't really get exposed to many non-Greek mythical creatures living in Greece)
imccann13 years ago
why not zoidberg?
ChrysN3 years ago
Cute, I love it!
susanrm3 years ago
Very cool! I like!
TinkeringProductions (author)  susanrm3 years ago
Thanks. I am glad you like him.