this my tird instructable, and it´s about the Zen of kites, like the Merry Poppins's Song, "with a tupence of paper and string, you can have your own set of wings", yeah a minimal kite only is a paper and string on the wind.


este es mi tercer instructable, y es sobre el Zen de las cometas, como la cancion de Merry Poppins "con dos monedas de hilo y papel, tus propias alas puedes tener", si una cometa minimalista hecha solo de papel e hilo

Step 1: Materials - Materiales

the minimal kite requires

- one sheet of paper (A4 or letter size is OK)
- string
- a needle or someting for make a small perforation


el cometa minimalista nesesita

- una hoja de papel (tamaño carta o A4 esta bien)
- hilo
- una aguja o algo para hacer una pequeña perforacion
<p>hello a want to try if it flies well, if i don&acute;t make the far left and right mountain fold paths.</p><p>Here is my folding pattern:</p><p><a href="http://up.picr.de/17365064ro.pdf" rel="nofollow">http://up.picr.de/17365064ro.pdf</a></p>
<p>yeah! that is the idea in the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Tiny-Origami-dragon-kite-peque%C3%B1o-cometa-de-drag%C3%B3n-/" rel="nofollow"> </a>tiny dragon kite experiment with this creases a lot, (even had a spreadsheet about calculations) if you visit my blog <a href="http://www.papelyviento.katriko.cl" rel="nofollow"> www.papelyviento.katriko.cl </a> you can see dragons with this origami style tails. <br>I enjoy a lot the experiments of another, that makes me happy</p>
<p>i cannot open your Blog</p>
Sorry, I had changed that, now is www.papelyviento.tumblr.com<br>
I understand, it's like a origami tecnique to improve the resistance of folds, I am thinking about to make a landscappe version but now it's raining, maybe tomorow, but play with this shape of origami it's a very nice idea, I will make a dragon kite based in this.
The dripping stuff is super glue. It does an amazing job of reinforcing it and keeping the shape
<p>vamos a hacerlo y probarlo con algo de viento..</p>
<p>dale! es algo celoso pero ajusta cuan apretados estan los pliegues si no vuela de primeras!</p>
You know what? This is one of the easiest and fastest and amazing way to entertain kids when i have to babysit them! Thanks!
<p>I has to amuze my sisters childs, I pleat some ones and are greats, I make them paint and draw the paper before for improbe the diversion</p>
Really beautiful and ingenious kite! You get my vote.
thanks! i use this as a base for mayor kites likes draggon in my blog can see photos, if you want to experiment
Excelente idea!! Ojal&aacute; lo pueda ver en el aire pronto :) Saludos!
cuando vuelvas o si quieres hace el tuyo po
Muy bonito e interesante! <br> <br>Puedes mejorar un poco las fotos usando un editor de im&aacute;genes gratuito, hay varios en la web. Yo uso PhotoFiltre, que es muy completo y f&aacute;cil de usar. En el caso de la que adjunto, apliqu&eacute; 4 veces el bot&oacute;n +Contraste, una vez +Gamma y una vez +Definici&oacute;n. Fijate que mejor&oacute; bastante. <br> <br>Perd&oacute;n, el editor no funciona para subir im&aacute;genes en esta instancia, lo lamento.
si, tengo una deuda pendiente con la fotografia, de momento trato de documentar mis proyectos, la verdad me cuesta tener eso en consideracion, espero ir mejorandolos
Oh, that's fascinating...!
thanks, it is very nice at fly
Wonderful design! Its beautiful!
Thanks, I hope you enjoy it
gracias, aunque he trabajado en mejorar este tipo de modelo, te invito a que revises mi blog, hay puse mas informaci&oacute;n
I will defiantly vote for you if I do not enter myself
The paper is much thicker. I haven't flown it yet. How can I send you a pic
I really enjoyed this one. I tried this same thing except with paper 2 yards long and 1 yard wide. It turned out great, except that it was VERY VERY difficult also what I did is I put superglue on each to the corners to reinforce it
yeah! that great! <br>I think a bigger kite can be difficult to fold and fly, have some photos? today I had thinking about make a big one but I dont know if use a stronger/heavyer paper, glue its a option

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