One Sheet of Paper at Wind - Una Hoja De Papel Al Viento





Introduction: One Sheet of Paper at Wind - Una Hoja De Papel Al Viento

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this my tird instructable, and it´s about the Zen of kites, like the Merry Poppins's Song, "with a tupence of paper and string, you can have your own set of wings", yeah a minimal kite only is a paper and string on the wind.


este es mi tercer instructable, y es sobre el Zen de las cometas, como la cancion de Merry Poppins "con dos monedas de hilo y papel, tus propias alas puedes tener", si una cometa minimalista hecha solo de papel e hilo

Step 1: Materials - Materiales

the minimal kite requires

- one sheet of paper (A4 or letter size is OK)
- string
- a needle or someting for make a small perforation


el cometa minimalista nesesita

- una hoja de papel (tamaño carta o A4 esta bien)
- hilo
- una aguja o algo para hacer una pequeña perforacion

Step 2: Origami Folding - Doblando El Origami

like the photos, first fold in valley for making the eigth strips of paper, then mark as mountain the diagonals from the pair number of line to the "same numer plus four line" number of line, finally colapse.

I put a diagram for all folds the segmented lines are valley and the dot-segmented lines are mountains.


como en las fotos, primero doblar en valle hasta hacer 8 franjas de papel, luego marcar las diagonales desde las lineas de numeros pares hasta "el mismo numero mas cuatro" numero de linea, finalmente colapsar.

Pongo un diagrama para todos los plieges, las montañas son lineas segmentadas y los valles son las de puntos y segmentos-

Step 3: Put the String - Poniendole Brida

use the needle to make a small hole in the point signed by the stick, then put the string


con la aguja hasle un pequeño agujero en el sitio señalado con el palillo para luego ponerle la brida

Step 4: Lets'go Fly a Kite - Ve a Volarlo

beware of the electric lines and the another people, fly it in open space.
it can need ajusts can estire or contract as you think is well.


cuidado con los cables electricos y las demas personas, vuela en espacios abiertos.
puede que nesesites ajustarlo, puedes estirarlo o comprimirlo como creas que funcione mejor

Step 5: Experiment! - ¡Experimenta!

I'm not the world's best kite dessigner and doesn't know all the potencial of this design. Make yor variation and play it, coment if you desire for making best kites and visit my blog at

I had some inspiration by this kite (I Doesn't find a photo in fligth), but do a acrobatic kite doesn't like, because I am playing with this kind of folds sinse 6 years old making origami dragons, it is no complex for begginers
No soy el mayor experto a nivel mundial ni se todo el potencial de esta cometa. Haz tu propia variacion y juega con ella, comenta si quieres mejorarla y visita mi blog

me inspire algo en este cometa (no he encontrado una foto en vuelo), pero hacerlo acrobatico no me gusto , porque he jugado con este tipo de plegados desde los 6 años haciendo dragones de origami, no es dificil para novatos



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    yeah! that is the idea in the tiny dragon kite experiment with this creases a lot, (even had a spreadsheet about calculations) if you visit my blog you can see dragons with this origami style tails.
    I enjoy a lot the experiments of another, that makes me happy

    Sorry, I had changed that, now is

    I understand, it's like a origami tecnique to improve the resistance of folds, I am thinking about to make a landscappe version but now it's raining, maybe tomorow, but play with this shape of origami it's a very nice idea, I will make a dragon kite based in this.

    The dripping stuff is super glue. It does an amazing job of reinforcing it and keeping the shape

    vamos a hacerlo y probarlo con algo de viento..

    dale! es algo celoso pero ajusta cuan apretados estan los pliegues si no vuela de primeras!

    You know what? This is one of the easiest and fastest and amazing way to entertain kids when i have to babysit them! Thanks!