An overview of free & open-source toolpathing for the DIYLILCNC (or any 3-axis CNC). Turn a raster image into a G-Code engraving pattern with GIMP, Inkscape, Pycam and EMC2 in Ubuntu.
WOW!!! Thanks Chris. I am just getting started in the world of CNC, and purchased a hobby CNC machine. It came with a copy of EMC, but my home systems are Win7, so I have been searching for cheap or free (emphasis on free) tools to do similar activities in WIndows. It has been a long hard road. After viewing your instructable, I have downloaded: WIndows VM Player (free), the EMC2 iso for the virtual machine (free), Gimp (free), Inkscape (free) and Pycam (free). I am now running this workflow and have 1000 times the capabilities I had before. Thanks for your instructable.
Hi! Great tutorial! <br>It's also possible to make Gcode right from Inkscape using Gcodetools extension. It's built in Inkscape since v0.48, if you are using previous versions you can get Gcodetools extension here: http://cnc-club.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?f=33&amp;t=35
Great set of starter information on generating gcode from pictures.<br><br>It is also possible to open dxf files in Inkscape to generate gcode.<br><br>Inkscape does allow drawing and lettering like for signs that is pretty easy instead of using Correl too.<br><br>

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