Optimus Prime From 10.00 Foam Camping Mats





Introduction: Optimus Prime From 10.00 Foam Camping Mats

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Hi everyone , wish I would have taken more pictures during this project but I have recently learned of this website and did not realize their was a forum for this kind of thing.
The tools needed for this endeavour are a razor blade, glue gun. velcro, a small torch, some muffler tape for highlights, krylon paint , copper wire for the fingers(this way you can adjust them) and lastlely some camping mats from canadian tire.
Be patient, I've given very good photographs of each peice remember to add dimension you will need to put fillers behind your frontal peices like the braces on the shoulders or the shinguards on the foot assemblies.
He is not a perfect optimus but he is my render, for instance the real optimus does not have a jet pack, too bad ours does.
any questions feel free, I built this costume so most of it was painted post production, sucks cause I had to do a lot of masking.
The finished costume looked alot better at first but he has been around for a while and has the battle scars to prove it.
The torch is for distressing the foam, just hold it far enough away so that it doesn't catch on fire.
Have fun!



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    Why kind of paint did you use on the camping mats?

    Acrylic and a torch to give it that abused metal look
    Just don't get too close with the torch

    HOW DO YOU DO THAT!?? I mean, how do you shape the foam. Cuz I want to make an epic custum coustume

    Amazing! do you have any more details on how you made the foot part and connected the 2 together?

    Sorry, the only pictures I have are the ones here. The whole thing is held together with velcro strapping. Hope this helps

    lol all the little girls must have loved hugging him, with all that foam making him nice and squisy!
    Great costume, bet the little dude had a blast

    Simply outstanding!!! I wish I could think outside the box more and come up with stuff like this. very awesome.

     This is unreal! well done. welcome to instructables! I can't waitto see what you put up now that you know we're here! great project!