Picture of Original XBOX Softmodding
In this Instructable I will describe the steps I took in softmodding an original XBOX and setting it up as a media center using XBMC  as the dash.

***** DISCLAIMER ******

I am in no way affiliated with Micro$oft, the Xbox or XBMC or any of the associated trademarks, products or people. I do not, nor have I ever possessed a copy of the XDK or compiled any source code for the Xbox therewith. I am not responsible for any damages to your person or property as a result of following the instructions contained in this Instructable.

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Step 1: Tools & Parts

Picture of Tools & Parts
To complete this instructable you will require:

Essential Parts:
An original XBOX
An original XBOX "breakaway" cable
A male-to-female USB cable
USB key
A copy of Splinter Cell

Soldering Iron & solder
Electrical Tape
Wire stripper
Helping hands (not absolutely necessary, but the sure do help)

See step 5.

Gather your tools, the breakway and USB cables and clear a workspace. You might want to set down newspaper or a protective covering as you will be soldering.

I ruined the expensive and terrible USB cable pictured here that I purchased from The Source. I then bought one at the dollar store for a fraction of the cost that ended up being of much better quality. Lesson learned.

Step 2: Prepare the USB cable

Picture of Prepare the USB cable
Cut the usb cable. Only the end with the female connector is needed; Set aside the other end for another project. If you're like me I recommend leaving plenty of room for error (I cut the cable in half) in case you need to restrip or recut the wire.

Strip the outer rubber shell of the wire with the wire stripper, leaving as much space as you think you'll need (usually 0.5-1.5 inch but as you can see I left a lot). Carefully strip each individual wire a similar distance from its end. Neaten the ends and remove and extraneous filler (shielding, string, fiber, etc).

Get our your soldering iron and carefully tin each wire, using the helping hands if available / necessary.

reznov1 year ago
Is your xbox in hd? I heard you can get 1080i out of it or is that a myth?
Datawolf2 years ago
Can you usb connect a 2.5 hdd on the xbox ?
radams43 years ago
were do u get the save files, they are called splinter cell linux right? any way i was wondering were you get them?
Okay, anyone who's even little clueless/confused try this link:
You do know you can buy that cable you made on Amazon, right?
Jon3163 years ago
Can I use Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory? Else where I read it, people said not to use Chaos theory that it wont work. Is this true? Please help me out thanks.
djf20053 years ago
How can I install a different dashboard, like evox or avalaunch?
luckeycat3 years ago
pfft, I got that soldering iron...its great! hottest thing you will ever find...burn your fingers using it and blacken new tips in under 10 minutes! Best thing for desoldering industrial solder from in power supplies.
papo124 years ago
can i connect it straight to the computer using the xbox to pc cable?
papo124 years ago
can i use an xbox to pc cable?
veetiz4 years ago
i did this on my own way: 1 step: get ndure 1,1 for splinter cell or whatever of the 3 games you have 2 step: get xplorer360 3 step: exract the udata.rar and get folder inside the udata folder 4 step: use xbox to usb adapter and put your usb stick to it 5 step: it says it has errors and must be erased 6 step: goto xplorer360 and open memory stick and put 2 folders inside the udata to root of partition1 7 step: put your usb stick to xbox and opy the linux files 8 step: open your game and load the save 9 step:bacup eeeprom 10 step: basic install 11 step: reboot xbox and finish installation 12 step: ENJOY YOUR NEW SOFTMODDED XBOX!!!!!! :D im not responsibly
veetiz4 years ago
in me it says it is damagged and dont format it :(