Picture of Over-The-Bed Whiteboard Worktable

We believe that every living space should have a workspace that can bring ideas into reality. But if you're like us and don't have that convenient extra room or garage, you have to get a little creative with how you use the space you have.

One such creative use of space is an over-the-bed worktable - a standing table with a massive amount of project space that spans the length of a queen-size bed and rolls away when you want to catch a few Z's. The top surface of the table is whiteboard, meaning you can draw your project plans to scale or organize your components by marking out space for them. We've also sized the table perfectly to fit through most doorways and be easy to maneuver into place. Let's get hacking!

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Time Needed: ~4 hours

Total cost: ~$140

Materials: (Note: These dimensions are for a queen-sized bed, but they're easy enough to adjust!)

Tools: (We made it at TechShop Pittsburgh)

  • Cold miter saw or horizontal band saw
  • MIG (or TIG) welder plus filler, clamps, accessories, and safety gear
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Power drill with 3/16" metal drilling bit
  • A faucet and cup of water
  • Hand grinder
  • Orbital sander
ooohlaa1 year ago

Years ago I saw a version of this spanning the width of the bed. You just leave it in place and when you sleep you put it at the foot of the bed. I didn't like the visual of that so never did it as I do not have an "away" to roll it to. My problem is 4 cats ... there is usually at least one of them on my 3 possible work places: the kitchen counter, the top of the washer and dryer and the coffee table. I salivate just thinking about this table but anyway would not have the skill nor patience to weld anything. Lovely idea, thanx.

as i read, i thought, "rolls away where?" it's nice, but if i had a space in which to roll it away, i'd probably just use it there. :)

really amusing, me too.

FabricateIO (author)  ooohlaa1 year ago

Some others have proposed building it out of wood - if you don't have access to a welder, that seems like it should work out pretty well!

bergs1 year ago

Ya seems as tho your feet have no where to go

ooohlaa bergs1 year ago

You can just prop them up on your bed as long as your knees don't reach the table.

Biokemist1 year ago

Very nice 'ible.

What casters do you recommend for this project?

FabricateIO (author)  Biokemist1 year ago

Oops, guess we missed those in the parts list! Here are the ones we used:


Rudo1 year ago

Nice job. An idea I had was to build a similar idea but instead invert the drawing board facing downwards (at arms length) so you could lay on your bed comfortably and draw out your ideas and ponder your plans.

FabricateIO (author)  Rudo1 year ago

That's awesome! And you could totally combine the two :D

domenic31 year ago

Smart design!!

FabricateIO (author)  domenic31 year ago

Thank you! Several others have proposed neat changes to it, too, like building it with wood or threaded pipe so that you can build it without a welder

domenic31 year ago

Smart design!!

inklayer1 year ago

Very nice and you have given me an idea. Instead of building this using pipe it could be built using wood with a piano hinge for the top and constructing it in a manner suitable for opening the work area when in use and folding away the work surface when sleeping. It would then not be necessary to have wheels but could remain stationary and either built for the side or head of the bed depending on the amount of work surface required.

zchow91 year ago
Would you be able to do this project by buying threaded joints for all of the piping instead of welding it?
FabricateIO (author)  zchow91 year ago

Seems possible! We haven't worked with threaded joints, though, so afraid we can't offer much advice on that front

seamster1 year ago

Interesting! When you're sitting at the worktable, is the bed in the way of your feet underneath?

FabricateIO (author)  seamster1 year ago

We were worried about that too, but it hasn't been an issue - your feet rest on the legs of the stool, and there's plenty of space for your knees above the top of the mattress