My wife asked me to come up with a solution to make it easier for her to back into the garage. Her car has a backup camera, so I thought I could make a parking place with duct tape that would let her use the lines in the backup camera to line up with the lines on the floor. I thought it was a simple solution, but everyone that sees it, thinks it is brilliant. I will be entering this in the duct tape contest, and if you think it deserves a vote, I would appreciate your vote.

Thank you,


<p>Thanks for sharing this trick! </p>
<p>You are welcome. Thanks for the comment.</p>
<p>kewl idea! Simple! Why was the video any longer than 20 seconds though? A time lapse of the tape going in and a 1:1 shot of the parking job. Done.</p>
<p>Sometimes the simplest things are the best. </p>
<p>Thanks for the comment. I do like it when a simple solutions that work.</p>

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