I really like the TV-B-Gone and thought it would be neat to create a similar prank like device. What i have created is a USB device that can trigger several actions on a computer, the idea being you have this device plugged into a computer you are wishing to prank and then you trigger the device and it then will preform a variety of operations including but not limited to.
  • Closing the active window on the computer. (this is what i use on the demo)
  • Locking the computer screen
  • bringing up the the Ctrl-Alt-Del screen
  • Shutting down the computer
  • move the mouse around the screen
  • type something out
  • Anything else you can do with a keyboard/mouse
I will be playing around in the future to give it more options(this is only version 1) and different methods of triggering but for this first device i have it triggering a single operation using a photocell(a resistor that's resistance value changes with the amount of light hitting it) And i will be using a laser pointer to trigger the device. 

This idea came to me after watching Irongeek's Defcon presentation on the Teensy i would encorage you to check out his page on the teensy as well as the talk he gave over it: Here is his page

Please note: This is meant as a prank, and its funny to close a friends facebook page from accrost the room sure... not so funny to close someones term paper night before its due so keep this in mind before use, i hold no responciblity for any harm that may befall you in inproper use :P

Step 1: Supplies

Supplies needed
  • Teensy(any teensy will work i'm using the 2.0, available here http://www.pjrc.com/teensy/)
  • Photocell(10k Ohm)
  • Enclosure(I am using an Altoids tin although there are much smaller less conspicuous ones you can use) 
  • Cable(USB A male to USB B mini)
  • Computer to program it
  • Resistor(10k)
  • Hook up wire
  • zip tie
  • Hotglue gun
  • Duct tape
  • Drill w/ bits

Nice to have
  • Female header pins to attach to teensy
  • Prototype board/male header pins
<p>Is there any way of making one of these with an arduino?</p>
how bout one for over wireless networks or over LAN
Have you thought of using some sort of rf remote so you do not have to try to shoot a laser pointer across the room to his a small target?
Yes i have thought of that, a bit easier solution is to install a IR receiver then set it up to use a IR remote control to trigger functions I am working towards a 2nd version of this project that will focus more on some more advanced code rather then the hardware side of it, but i do like your RF idea and maybe down the road something along those lines will be added.
Great idea I will look into it more.

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