Picture of PIE-rotechnic Thanksgiving Dessert! (Mega Dangerous)
An innocent looking pumpkin pie erupts an insane fountain of flames and fire!

Step 1: Watch the Video!

WARNING: This project is for demonstrational, educational, and entertainment purposes only.   It is not intended to be duplicated.  This experiment should only be attempted by experienced professionals.  Use of video content is at own risk.
KevinC122 months ago

was that molten aluminum pan dripping down the flower leaves?

Fission Chips10 months ago

Umm... I guess it's not edible?

I am totally gonna be the joker for Halloween.
de4th981 year ago
For the stump remover did you do something to it to get patasseum nitrate before you used it or is it just straight stump remover.
I_StarkGuy1 year ago

Mmmmm, I know what cake to use for certain person's birthday. (kidding)

scci1 year ago
YOU....you...made a pie OUT IF ROCKET FUEL
bob30301 year ago
Very neat project. Thanks for posting.
ToolboxGuy1 year ago
You might want to remove your reference to using a drill on this mixture to insert a fuse.
A hot drill bit could possibly ignite the KNO3/sugar. Love the crazy pie idea, but it still looks more like peanut brittle than pumpkin pie filling to me.
EricHi1 year ago
Pies made with rocket fuel - lol.
hmm, chemical welding with a pie.........
i like my pies over cooked. thank you.
Lol I can't stop watching it you truly are the king if random. Bravo
vary tasty pie