My house is very small. It was built in 1921 and has survived multiple large Southern California earthquakes. It's long history of being a rental in a quake zone has imparted some...quirks into the architecture. There are many impractical built in units that don't really provide adequate storage for anything modern. (Like the shallow cupboard that is built between two studs in the wall, low to the ground - what?!)

In my never-ending want to create more ways to store stuff in my tiny sardine can of a living space, I decide to build this over-the-toilet shelving unit for my bathroom.

Working with PVC is a cinch. It's like affordable structural tinker toys. The pipe is cheap, and you can get some really cool fittings from companies like Formufit.

The top is detachable from the base and could be used as a plant shelf or bookshelf for when I move out of this little place. (I like to change neighborhoods and apartments every few years, the joys of renting!)

Step 1: Tools and Materials

For this project I used the following:

This is what I made recently in anticipation of moving into an apartment soon. I wanted it to be sturdy of course but also fully disassemble-able easily, and it is. I didn't do any finishing really, and the 28' or so of pipe and fittings cost only $15
<p>That's awesome! I didn't even think of just using the straight couplers to support the planks! </p><p>Are your side supports metal?</p>
Nope, just thin pieces of table saw cut-off. It wobbled a bit and they completely fixed that.
Awesome instructable by the way! Much better job than I would have done, since mine relied on scrap would lying around.
<p>Awesome project, Audrey! The pop of color looks great in your space.</p>
<p>I add this because you are an Instructables leader. In step 5, I think the word that you wanted was shoddy, not shotty. <b>Shotty</b> is very commonly used in describing the feel of lymph nodes (the lymph glands) when they are palpated (felt) through the skin.</p>
<p>You learn something new every day (for me the definition of Shotty)!</p>
<p>Noted! (Noded? :P)</p><p>**thanks for the catch, I'll update accordingly.</p>
<p>dang lady, I love this! so simple :D</p>
<p>&lt;3 Thanks &lt;3</p><p>It is so much stronger than I ever expected, I think I'm going to build another one for books. Looking at getting some grates for shelves too for a plant shelf that could go outside. </p>
<p>This looks great, certainly quicker cheaper and easier than a similar build with metal pipework.</p><p>I'm suprised that it is as solid as you say, I'd have assumed that the slight flexability of the pipe would make it wobbly. You know what they say about assumption. </p><p>It would look neater if the corners of the board were rounded to match the round pipe.</p><p>Also (after the dry build and sure everything fits) wouldn't it by easier to prep and paint with the pipe in bits? I'd be worried about ruining the paintwork around the joints by breaking them apart then reassembling.</p>
<p>I painted last because to bond the pipe with cement, which is a chemical welding process, no paint can be in the fitting. This paint is TOUGH too. I *really* had to whack it to register all the holes after painting was completed and it only flaked off in one teeny spot.</p><p>I think the joints help enforce rigidity in the pipe. Sections longer than a foot may feel a little wobbly, but this thing is tough. </p>
<p>This is a great project, and will work in a variety of applications, such as added shelving in a kitchen or workshop. Nice job!</p>
My bathroom floor space is 5'6&quot; by 3'3&quot; and that includes the toilet and pedastal sink but not the tub! There is about 7/8 in. between the tank top and the edge of the sink. No shelves, medicine cabinets, etc. This will be GREAT!!! I noticed you made the bottom horizontal support in two pieces so it could be placed behind the commode but didn't mention (unless I missed it) ; ) Just wanted to mention it so someone wouldn't build it and find out too late they needed that split connection.
Absolutely brilliant! I was looking for an ideea to a shelf behind the toilet and this is it! Thanks

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