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Introduction: PVC Drill/Tool Holder

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That's a really good idea! I wish I had enough drills so it would as efficient... ;)

Finally found a way to store some of my tools! I will make it for sure and use skepticaljay's advance.

Thanks a lot for this idea.

would work for hairdressers as well blow dryers, curling irons, etc

Great idea! Is there anything you could mount to the drill forward of the trigger to keep it from being depressed? I'm sure that would be different for each drill... Or if the drills have the type of direction switch that prevents the trigger from being pulled when the switch is halfway in.... but that would require people to go to oh so much effort when putting it away (sarcasm)

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Thanks for the concern.... I actually tried to jam it in there with a battery to see if it would start the drill. Yes if forced it will spin however the trigger spring tension was more than enough to stop the drill so I just didn't worry about it. And being pointed in a safe direction even if it spun up with a bit it would not hurt anything.

Now that you mention it the Ryobi drills and drivers both have the halfway directional safety. But I usually keep the batteries in the chargers as they maintain the Lithium Ion Packs.

I laughed at your effort comment.

I really like this. you could also line them with some foam for a more secure and quite.

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