This is a fairly easy way of making an awesome 1/2 inch pnuematic pvc luancher.

Step 1: What you'll need

most of these things can be found in any hardware store besides the bike pump, as for that you're on you're own, I've had that mounted on my road bike for several years and is probably discontinued by now, but you could probably find another one in a bike shop that'll work for not too much.
*all pvc is 1/2 inch in diameter*
atleast 2 feet of pvc pipe
1) T
1) 2 liter bottle
1) pvc cement
1) electricians tape( or any other type of strong tape, but I like the feel of electricians tape on the handle)
1) pvc ball valve
ok i working o a project like this and i have no idea about plubing parts. can you get a threded piece of pvc pipe that would fit the screw cap of a 2L bottle or is it a case of retofitting the lid of a bottle into a pipe.
I honestly highly doubt you could find threading of that exact size.. i've tried to find a size before and failed.. so i used 1/2 inch pvc pipe and pvc cement it to the inside of the 2L bottle..
yes i know of that way but i wanted to fit a full bottle of (generic Fizzie Pop) to a rig that used the CO2 pressure to force the drink up into a cupso it is a case of drilling a hole a spare lid inside the internal seal and epoxying it in. but thanks for the advice
My dad helped me make this. I'll post pics in a little bit. Michael
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://img216.imageshack.us/img216/9105/pvcgunci7.jpg">Clicky</a><br/>
i used a pvc cap and drilled a hole in it then shoved a tire valve i cut off a tire in it to pump it up it makes it easy to pump up.
What about a ball hand pump?
tell me, where can i find the valve! ( the red thing)
It's a PVC "Ball Valve", you should find one at a plumbing supply, or hardware store.
I made something like that some time ago.
intresting looks compact..how big is the tank?
1.5 littres and can shoot batteries. AA sized.
I made something like that a while ago.
nice ..looks good and simple =]<br/>
hey made one a while ago it can launch a drumstick thought the wall and some small screwdrivers. kudos on the gif!
nice, haha... =] thanks. <br/>
you coppied the coke cannon (i built one) you should fill the tank with 60 pounds of air its crazy fast

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