A small group of my co-workers have been playing a semi-regular game of pickup soccer for close to two years.  With the excitement of the World Cup festering in our cubicle-encased minds, we decided to make some goals sized right for our 3 on 3 and 4 on 4 games.  Thus were born the plans for our PVC soccer goals, which were far easier to move back and forth than full size goals, and didn't make us "waste" players by needing someone in goal.  All told, these goals cost roughly $50 each to put togther.  That's a bit cheaper than the $70 per goal we were finding commercially available.  We settled on 1 1/2" PVC, and I believe these are a bit sturdier than the store-bought goals, and they do provide some flexibility for size should our little game ever expand.  Step 7 also shows an even cheaper alternative.  Now on to the building! 

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

Tools you will need:
* handsaw
* PVC glue
* drill w/ bit slightly larger than wire
* pliers and/or wire cutters
* roll of white duck tape
* tape measure
* Sharpie
* Nylon cord (if you plan to make your own net)

For each goal you want to make (we constructed two), you will need at least:
* (x6) rounded PVC corners
* (x4) T-style PVC connectors
*  1 1/2" PVC pipe (amount depends on size, roughly 50' for 5'x8' design)
*  14 gauge (approximate) galvanized steel wire

Alternate 5' x 10' goal design checklist:
* (x4) 3-way 90 degree PVC connectors
* (x4) internal 45o elbows
* (x2) 90 degree joints
* 1/2" PVC pipe (amount depends on size, roughly 60' for 5'x10' design shown)

As for the PVC size- I suppose it's worth mentioning that you must have connectors that match the size of the PVC you've chosen.  The original goals (not of my design) used 1 1/2" PVC, however I believe 1 1/4" is nearly as strong, as well as being slightly lighter weight and about $1.00 cheaper per 10' pipe.  The smaller you go in size, the cheaper it will be, but that starts to trade off with how rigid the goals will play.  It's also worth noting you may need to order connectors online, depending on what you find at the local hardware stores.
<p>This is cool </p><p><a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nwPmOeM-mw" rel="nofollow"> </a></p><div><br><h3><a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nwPmOeM-mw" rel="nofollow">Best Free Kicks Goals</a></h3></div>
<p>This is a really cool build and I'm considering doing it myself. However, my friend is concerned that it wouldn't be strong enough to withstand his &quot;monstrous&quot; shooting capacity. How have the lengths/joints held up over time? Should we be worried?</p>
<p>PVC is pretty tough- I've cracked a couple of joints over the years but for the most part they have held up really well. Smaller PVC is flexible, larger PVC has less give in it but is also more expensive the bigger you get. I suggest 1.25 or 1.5 inch PVC, but have seen from 3/4&quot; all the way up to like 6&quot; used. I guess it depends on whether its a backyard target or whether it's a semi-competitive game.</p>
<p>What will be the measurements if I want to build 6x6 goal?</p>
Is that Baltz?
<p>Sorry, I don't understand the question.</p>
<p>Nice concept, but it would be VERY nice to see the actual lengths of cuts you made for each, versus a roundabout summary for one particular configuration near the end.</p><p>Everything you've shown us is 'hey great, this is basically working with PVC' and not how to assemble the specific projects detailed above. A shopping list and a how-to-work-with-PVC-in-general is NOT a good Instructable; you've left the critical information out!</p>
<p>The point of PVC is that you can make them any size you like, without joints, up to 10 feet. Here's the larger of the two designs, with measurements, and color coded by the six pieces you'll need to put it together. The back angle I listed at 6'4&quot;, I suggest cutting it a bit long, and trimming it down until it fits your configuration.</p>
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