Hey everybody! 

This instructable is for a Pacman tile mosaic desk that I made!

Although it’s very time consuming, and requires quite a bit of patience, this project is EXTREMELY simple and yields a very professional looking finished piece if done correctly.

The desk I used was a cheap one I purchased from Ikea quite a while ago, but pretty much any spare desk/table that you have should work.

This is a great project for repurposing old furniture that might otherwise be bound for the garbage dump!

Step 1: The Importance of a Layout

If you plan on doing this project, the very first thing you are going to have to do is come up with a plan.

Start off by figuring out what you want your table to look like!

Since everyone who does this will probably be using a different type of desk or table, everyone’s canvas is likely to be a different size or shape…so unfortunately, that means there is really no way for me to make just one concrete pattern for everyone to use.

HOWEVER, I have included a ton of different patterns, samplers from many different video games, so you can pick and choose what you want to put on your surface!
(If you would like to use images from a game that I haven’t listed, feel free to let me know in the comments and I would be happy to help you out!)

Start out by drawing a diagram. 

Make a scale drawing of your table surface, and incorporate a grid to fit in the images you chose.

Your grid squares can be whatever size you want, BUT, keep in mind that it will determine what size tiles you use.  You can use whole small tiles, or cut larger tiles to a custom size if needed.

Example:  I made one inch grid squares because I wanted to use one inch tiles.
Be creative!  Have fun coloring things in, transposing the squares from my pattern images onto the squares of your table scale grid, and make something unique!
<p>This is amazing! Where can you buy those tiles in 1 inch squares?</p>
This is so Cool! I love it! I wish I still had little kids in the house so I could do the same.
this is the coolest thing i've ever saw!!!! i love it!!!
Five stars!
very cool! I like how the mosaic makes it look really pixelated like the actual game. Superb job!
I love this! Great job! I'm digging all the colors too! ;)
That's particularly awesome.
Oh I just adore this! I'm a huge fan of mosaics and I'm a big game loving fan, this is WONDERFUL! I want to do some game themed things in my classroom, I want my theme to be &quot;School is just a game, play to win&quot;. I could see something like this being fantastic on a supply table! If I wind up making it I will definitively show you! Thanks for such a wonderful 'able!

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