Paella is a saffron steeped rice dish originating in Valencia, Spain. The traditional ingredients in traditional Valencian Paella include: chicken, rabbit, beans, rice, saffron, paprika, rosemary, garlic, snails and olive oil.

Sticking with a few key ingredients, it's easy to create a Paella to suit anyone's taste. This Instructable does not present a specific recipe, but some tricks we've learned over past few years.You will not find exact measurements. You can find numerous recipes for paella online.

This is a Coloradan's take on Paella. Criticism is expected and accepted.

Step 1: Important Stuff

Some important factors in making and enjoying paella:

1. A Paella Pan - Paelleras are traditionally round, shallow and made of polished steel with two handles (Wikipedia). Prices range from cheap to super-expensive. The traditional steel pans are a bit more maintenance due to the need for seasoning, but the price is much lower. Go with tradition.
2. Saffron - A spice derived from the flower of Crocus sativus, commonly known as the saffron crocus (Wikipedia). Saffron is expensive, but this ingredient absolutely can not be substituted.
3. BombaRice - Bomba is the supreme strain of rice in all of Spain. Bomba absorbs three times its volume in broth (rather than the normal two), yet the grains remain firm and delicious (LaTienda.com). If you can't find this rice at a local specialty grocery store, you can order it online. It's worth taking the time to locate the correct rice.
4. Smoke - Paella is cooked over a fire, smoke adds to the flavor of the dish. Use natural charcoal. Add aromatics, such as orange peels to add to the flavor.
5. People - Shared directly from the paellera, paella is an intimate dish shared by friends and family.
<p>Oh yeah, I forgot, usually, add the liquid to the handle rivets...... just a rule of thumb!</p>
<p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/HappyToBeAlive/" rel="nofollow"></a></p><p>As <br> a Brit who actually makes a better Paella than many Spanish ( not my <br>words..theirs! ) and Married to a Spanish woman....... just a couple of pointers......more garlic! put a whole <br> bulb in middle....... remember to let the rice soak up the oil and meat juices for 1 or two minutes, stirring constantly before adding the liquids.....A good sprig of Rosemary fried in there makes ALL the difference (just make sure you pick it above Dog peeing height! lol) Glad you remembered about the 'soccorat', <br>the Spanish all but have fights for this! its the best bit!! Half stock <br>half white wine....... and you are there! OH, and i dont know if you mentioned it bi NEVER STIR once the wine n stock is added.</p><p>Damn good attempt!! I would be happy to sit and eat that with ya!</p>
<p>Without onion and tomatoes and chilies not roasted, probably the best paella in instructables. And I'm a valencian that loves paella.</p><p>Bonus point by barbecue but not charcoal, better wood. And there is a no written rule that say &quot;forks for dish and wooden spoon for paella&quot;</p>
regards from spain ;-)
ngon qu&aacute;!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nh&igrave;n m&agrave; th&egrave;m muốn ch&ecirc;t
Cảm ơn bạn!!!!

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