A forge is something i've wanted for a while but never really had a good reason to buy.  Plus i didn't want to deal with coal.

I have seen the coffee can forges but wasn't overly impressed by the ones I saw online as they used some weird overly complicated DIY burner.  Some didn't have a back on them to pass long pieces through which i thought was cool but the doors they built seemed clumsy.  

I chose to use a Paint can but I used the bottom of the can as the front.  I then created a plug for the back and attached it to what once was the lid.  This lid can be removed to allow pass through.  
I used a propane torch I already had on hand for some old plumbing jobs i did around the house.  

I purchased the following items on line for $37 including shipping
     Satanite Refractory Cement
     1" Thick Insulwool, The smallest amount i could get was 2 sq' but I only needed 1 sq'

Empty Paint can from Home Depot for ~$5.00

I had on hand
     a few metal bits from some old hanging file folders
     A propane torch

Edit:  I recently made a portable rocket stove for camping with the remaining insulwool but no Satanite as i thought it would break up and i didn't want the extra weight.  The outside of that rocket stove gets WAY hotter than this forge so the Satanite is far more important than I thought it was.

Step 1: Feet

Using a pair of pliers i bent the metal pieces from an old hanging file folder into some feet.
I drilled holes and screwed it to the Paint can.
<p>so could you theoretically use coal and a air source??? need to know </p>
<p>nope, that is a totally different type of forge.</p>
connecting multiple would only be useful if you try to heat treat. The whole point to the removable back is so you can heat long items to beat them to shape so with just one paint can you should be able to make a sword.
Do you think its possible to connect multiple paint cans to make a forge long enough to hold a sword maybe? Like just attach 3-5 cans to each other instead of plugging the hole on the first one, and adding multiple holes for the propane torch.
Sweet mini forge. I like that it actually works to finish a project. <br> <br>Does it get hot enough to do any annealing or tempering? (for blade work)
Yes, but the heat is rather focused so i don't think you would get an even temper. This type of forge is best for beating/bending/shaping things.
Heya, very nice work on the forge, and with keeping its outer temp low (ish) hehe <br>Can this setup, cement and Insulwool work for a glass blowing 'gloryhole' for melting glass? <br>Also, where are you getting your Insulwool? I'm in Australia and really struggling to find this product where I don't need to buy 10 meters of it for a rediculous price! <br>Cheers!
I got the Insulwool and Satanite at www.Knifeandgun.com

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