This is a project I started last week when I found a blank Fairy statuette that was lying in a drawer.
I decided to get three more of those statuettes and to paint a group of Four Season Fairies.
The statuettes are about 6 or 7 cm tall.

Unfortunately I thought about putting the guide on instructables after I finished the first two of them.
So the first guide will actually be of my third Fairy.

Update: I posted a slideshow with the painted fairies at www.instructables.com/id/Four-Seasons-Fairies/

Let us get started!

Step 1: Tools

Picture of Tools
You will need

- Hobby knife
- Small file
- Brushes, different kind and sizes
- Water pot and paper towel to clean brushes
- White plate to mix colors
- Lots of light!

For the water pot I suggest to use a jar, so you can close it and store with the water instead of throwing the water away everyday (I do not like to waste water).
lokaa.loky8 months ago

Great work

Krishh72 years ago
I loved it..
cool design ;D
hollasch5 years ago
Thanks for the nice instructable. I'm not familiar with figuring painting, so I really liked seeing the various appliations of the dry brush technique. Nice!
Caffeinomane (author)  hollasch5 years ago
Thank you!
I am planning to paint the last one of the Four Season Fairies, the Winter one, so, in the next days, I will put the pictures of ones that I have already painted and the guide for her.
LawnBoy19915 years ago
 what is she made out of because I have a 2' statue that is made of cement and I'm wondering what kind of paint I should use.
Caffeinomane (author)  LawnBoy19915 years ago
 It seems like some kind of synthetic resin covered with white paint. But I do not know what kind is it.
I'd say it looks like plaster, however, it could also be clay...