This is a project I started last week when I found a blank Fairy statuette that was lying in a drawer.
I decided to get three more of those statuettes and to paint a group of Four Season Fairies.
The statuettes are about 6 or 7 cm tall.

Unfortunately I thought about putting the guide on instructables after I finished the first two of them.
So the first guide will actually be of my third Fairy.

Update: I posted a slideshow with the painted fairies at

Let us get started!
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Step 1: Tools

You will need

- Hobby knife
- Small file
- Brushes, different kind and sizes
- Water pot and paper towel to clean brushes
- White plate to mix colors
- Lots of light!

For the water pot I suggest to use a jar, so you can close it and store with the water instead of throwing the water away everyday (I do not like to waste water).

Step 3: Cleaning the fairy

Use you hobby knife or some small files to clean the statuette.
It can have some defects due to the molding process.
Krishh71 year ago
I loved it..
cool design ;D
hollasch5 years ago
Thanks for the nice instructable. I'm not familiar with figuring painting, so I really liked seeing the various appliations of the dry brush technique. Nice!
Caffeinomane (author)  hollasch5 years ago
Thank you!
I am planning to paint the last one of the Four Season Fairies, the Winter one, so, in the next days, I will put the pictures of ones that I have already painted and the guide for her.
LawnBoy19915 years ago
 what is she made out of because I have a 2' statue that is made of cement and I'm wondering what kind of paint I should use.
Caffeinomane (author)  LawnBoy19915 years ago
 It seems like some kind of synthetic resin covered with white paint. But I do not know what kind is it.
I'd say it looks like plaster, however, it could also be clay...