Paint Brush Stylus for Ipad. Used on Sketchbook PRO!





Introduction: Paint Brush Stylus for Ipad. Used on Sketchbook PRO!

When I got my Ipad, the first App I downloaded was Sketchbook Pro. I've been using it on wacom for work and loved it. I quickly realised that drawing with fingers on an Ipad was much more difficult, so I decided to design my own stylish stylus. It took me a while to understand what makes a stylus work correctly, so I hope you'll learn from my mistakes.

Here is how to make a fun and effective stylus for Ipad and Iphone. 


Step 1: You Will Need

You will need :

A metalic paint brush (8mm diameter)
A standard eraser tip
Conductive foam (Used to hold electronic chips) 

Step 2: Cut the Eraser

Cut the pointy part of the eraser. You will only need the cylinder part. 

Step 3: Foam

Cut a corner of the conductive foam as shown.

Step 4: Insert

Insert the conductive foam inside the rubber tube. 

Step 5: Assembly

Insert the back of the metalic paint brush on the other side of the rubber cylinder. Make sure you leave enough surface foam surface for it to be detected. Also make sure that the metal isn't sticking out of the foam or you will scratch your screen. 

Step 6: Try

Try your new stylus and adjust it so it work perfectly for you. You will also realise that, (if you have an Ipad 2) you stylus can be magnetised by the frame and held in place while doing something else. 



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Where can you get the foam? Somewhere cheap. Especially if it's for a small project like this. But great job!

There are pens on I got 4 for 6 bucks and have seen 3 for 5 dollars.

I get free shipping because I am an Amazon prime member for my Kindle fire.

this is a good instructable if that is what you want to do.

I'm curious... Why did you need 4 Ipad pens?

In case you lose them!!!

I didnt need 4 really, my girlfriend and I have both have Kindle Fires,, so I really only needed 2,, but they sell them in lots of 3 and 4,, so we bought the 4 pack for 5 bucks. easier than making them, and they have some cool colors.

I bought a pen on ebay for 50 cents!

Go to the closest computer store and ask for some foam they use to store the computer chips. As shown on step 2. They will probably give you some for free.