This is a simple pallet bench project I wanted to share with everyone. I was making this for a family night we will be hosting. Though it is a bit crude it does the trick and I like the raw finish.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
You will need a few tools to get the job done. Drill, drill bit and phllips bit, hand saw (or power saw), 2-1/2 & 3 inch screws, tapemeasure, pencil, square & a sander. I used a 44x32" pallet, a 2x1x36" scrap wood for support& a 7' 2x4 for the legs.

Step 2: Cutting the pallet as needed

Picture of Cutting the pallet as needed
Pallet bench project 003.JPG
Pallet bench project 005.JPG
The pallet I am using is 44 x 32 inches. I cut a small portion of the pallet to use for the back rest. With drill/screw gun drive 3, 3 inch screws anchored the back rest to the seat of the bench for support also to hold into place before I get the side supports on. You can use anything for the side supports.

Step 3: Side support

Picture of Side support
Pallet bench project 006.JPG
Pallet bench project 008.JPG
I also found small scrap 2x1 inch wood for side supports. To be honest I held them into place and marked the future pilot holes as well as marked the lines to cut the sides to fit then screwed them into place. I also had a small piece of 1x2-1/2 lumber I used as the bottom support on both sides. You dont have to follow this but I wanted to make sure it wasn't going anywhere. You could also use two pallets lumber to make this bench.

Step 4: A lil sanding

Picture of A lil sanding
Once the supports are in place I decided to give it a once over with a sander to clean up some of the rough edges before adding the legs.

Step 5: Attaching the legs

Picture of Attaching the legs
I wanted my bench to be 16" from the ground. I measured and cut each 2x4 at 16" then attached them to the sides both on the front and back for support. I used 4, 3" screws to anchor the legs to the bench.

Step 6: Finish and enjoy

Picture of Finish and enjoy
Pallet bench project 012.JPG
When complete this should be a SOLID bench seat for your home. You can also add stain and a pad for more comfort. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Haters need not reply. 
allenpeter1 month ago

Very Easy to Built.

veedz made it!2 months ago
a days work. jus gtta sand and treat
hi.. al start off by saying i absolutly love this app.. :) i have seen a comment about tilting the back 5 degrees.. how could you do that..?
Fas1176 made it!7 months ago

thanks for the guide changed mine a little but your instructions got me started

qcman5 made it!8 months ago

I made mine just slightly different, but the idia and main plan was from yours

My Bench 1.JPG
Loc0te9 months ago
love it! kids love it too
Loc0te9 months ago
took about an hour to make with a bit of personalisation and she's looking beautiful (there's hidden beer holders at the back)
omrygal1 year ago

Thank you from Israel :]

Pallet Bench Project.jpg
fcoffman1 year ago
Awesome!! This was my test bench I'm 6'4 384lbs and this could hold 2 of me! Thank you so much for the idea this is amazing!!
14, 7:17 PM.jpg
Atelier_Caricole made it!1 year ago

In a project in Brussels we made already 2 benches, we adapted the construction of the legs, to make them stronger.

Very pleased about the concept - simple and strong.

We used a lot of wood glue - in the end, its the glue that will keep everything together for a longer period. You need a good contact between the pieces, you this demands a more precise construction.

nmoisescu1 year ago

Very comfortable!! I made 2 of those for another table made from pallets ...but the legs definitely need to be stronger.
Great idea, great project thx for the tips!

Chadifornia (author) 2 years ago
Great to hear. Good luck and fun. Look forward to see the final project.
halli_002 years ago
What Did this cost? :)
Chadifornia (author)  halli_002 years ago
Nothing, I had everything but the screws would have costs a few bucks and the pallet was free. Good luck
bconsiglio2 years ago
This is a great bench. I've been looking for something simple and sturdy that used 1 pallet with few extras. I'm excited to get started. I'm going to make a few. I'll take pictures to share when I'm done so you can see what your work has inspired.
PaganRaven2 years ago
Of all the pallet chairs, this is the one I keep coming back to. I DO love this one and thinking how the upper back (on the back) would make a nice planter or even a small "table". Now to get the husband motivated! Very good 'ible!
Chadifornia (author)  PaganRaven2 years ago
Thanks a lot. I love the idea of plants behind it. I want to make changes to my next one like arms with cup holders. I have other stuff I'll be posting so check back.

Thanks again,
rhackenb2 years ago
kleinjahr3 years ago
Not bad at all. A suggestion, angle the back about 5 degrees from vertical, it'll be more comfortable. As someone else said, add arms. Nice wide arms keep the cold ones close to hand,
Chadifornia (author)  kleinjahr3 years ago
Thanks, I think your on to something with the arms with cup holders. May have to add those. My first go at it so the next one will have a few changes.
king-six3 years ago
Great project thanks. We put one today on beautiful place where bench was missing.
Chadifornia (author)  king-six3 years ago
Great view! Glad I could help fill that space. Enjoy
breumer3 years ago
That's awesom, if you have a shelf ,which is fixed at the bottom of the backrest ,you would be able to put plants in it.
Chadifornia (author)  breumer3 years ago
Good idea, Thanks. I think Ill add it on top of the back.
Judith7563 years ago
Good use of an item that is given away everyday here on CL. Thanks for the idea. Now to put it to use.. :-).
Great pics also.
Chadifornia (author)  Judith7563 years ago
l8nite3 years ago
I like it, although, I think I would have made the legs higher and added arms instead of the angled pieces. To each their own right ! rustic works well in woodland settings or camp grounds so I can see a lot of people liking this
Chadifornia (author)  l8nite3 years ago
Thanks. Thats what I was thinking but I ran out of lumber. When I was done I had a 18" 2x4 left over. Haha Oh well I have one more pallet to see what else I can come up with.
ok, that makes sense ! I'm going to keep this in mind for a future project