Make your own garden lounge chairs from free pallets. Simple design, functional and recycling all in one!

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Step 1:

These are the materials you'll need:

(If you're making one lounge chair you'll only need 3 pallets but this tutorial is for two chairs)

- Four pallets of the same size, preferably rectangular
- One pallet slightly wider than your other pallets, more square than rectangular
- Scrap 2X4s or pallet scraps of the 2X4 kind
<p>Cool Idea...</p><p>Are the chairs very heavy to move them around? To mow the lawn ...</p>
Great Idea.. so many Pallets are thrown in the trash, good way to up-cycle.
<p>exactly ! why waste good pallets? </p>
<p>Nice deckchairs. Is the round table done also by you with pallets?</p>
Que boa dica heim!!!
This is great! Happen to have an instructable for the cushions?
Great idea! I have unlimited access to pallets,) can't wait.
Cool Idea!
Nice project. Can u tell me the angle of the back? is it 30degrees?
@dmdsanchez. I'm very bad with angles but if I had to guess I'd say it's about 30 degrees. I just adjusted the angle of the backrest until it felt right :)
Love it! You've got my brain moving, as you'll soon see :-)<br><br>A couple more 2x4s and you wouldn't have to have a bigger pallet for the backrest. Cut the backrest pallet in half all the way across, and screw a full length 2x4 on to each side. This would use parts of more pallets though, and you've got a really optimal solution here.<br><br>I use the reflector from a street light buried to an inch of it's rim and filled with dirt to about two inches from the rim for a fire pit. That'd be a way to get rid of excess pallet. An oven rack makes a nice grill for it. :-) Just watch out for treated wood, but you wouldn't want to use that for a seat either. The splinters are nasty.
This is so Redneck I think I'll do it.<br><br>I made Sparkle Balls and I have 2 liter Wind Spinners as well.<br><br>My neighbors love me.<br><br>These lounge chairs are great cause they are nice and wide and the cushions <br><br>are a nice touch.<br><br>5.0 !
crazy cool ! Thanks for the ideas

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