Picture of Pant Folding Machine
I hate folding clothes. I already made a T-shirt folding machine, so I decided, why not try to make a pant folding machine? It works pretty well. Once done, you will be able to lay a pair of pants on the cardboard, flip a few pieces, and have a nicely folded pair of pants.

Check out my other instructable similar to this : http://www.instructables.com/id/T-Shirt-Folding-Machine/
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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
All you need this project is:

A few long pieces of cardboard
Scissors/ Box Cutter
Big Tape/ Duct Tape
A Tape Measure

Step 2: Measuring and cutting the pieces

Picture of Measuring and cutting the pieces
First lay out all of your cardboard and measure out the following pieces :

2 pieces of 11 inches by 13 inches these are pieces A

1 piece 44 inches by 13 inches this is piece B

1 piece 22 inches by 13 inches this is piece C

Using the marker, trace the dimensions and cut them out

Step 3: Assembly

Picture of Assembly
With the big tape standing by, lay out your pieces so that:

Both A pieces are to the left of piece B, and C is to the left of B and below A.

Once they are laid out, tape both A piece together. Tape the bottom A piece to the top of the C piece. Then tape the top left side of B to the top A piece. Make sure not to tape any other areas.

It sounds confusing, but the pictures really help
attackchef6 years ago
I am currently getting ready to undergo carpal tunnel surgery on both hands here very soon i was worried about how i was going to accomplish the little things ! this works out perfect ! Thank You!!!
I doubt I'm the only one curious on exactly how you got carpal tunnel surgery in both hands.
isaac! DBerwick5 years ago
he didnt do it himself
Squash isaac!5 years ago
isaac! Squash5 years ago
Great ide...if you created a slightly more professional version that didn't apply to the gorilla glue contest, then this would do pretty well....patent it! I just might try it cuz I absolutely suck at shirt folding! Nice job Pal!
They already have. At least they make plastic ones....
nomdeplume5 years ago
I went the "organic" route for my "trouser" folder..
My machine is named "Suzanne", I also call her Wife"
I saw one of these in a store but with shirts
247guy (author) 6 years ago
Hey, thank you for all the comments everyone, i never thought this could help those who couldn't do it. I just thought it was a fun thing to make that was slightly helpful. It is really nice to know that i am genuinely helping people.
capheind6 years ago
If you go into any clothing retailer you can find one or more of these in the back, nice to see a DIY version.
Some people in earlier comments say this is useless, but I don't think so. Not only does it save a little bit of time, like they say it doesn't, but it also does a better job than I ever could!
I also agree with casemill, but think casemill misses the point. For the able-bodied, a project such as this may useless. There are, however, disabled individuals who might find such an aid useful. The beauty of the internet is that very small minorities (maybe just one person) can benefit from another person's seemingly useless ingenuity.
Lance Mt.6 years ago
I agree with Casemill but just for the fun of it., im gonna make one
casemill6 years ago
That's creative, but not timesaving. It's still faster to just fold the pants by hand. Machines are supposed to make work faster or produce a better job. This does neither, however ingenious.