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Introduction: Paper Bowl

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These bowls and pen holder are made with the same technique I used for this project: Paper Candle Holder.
Once you know how to make rolls with paper, you can create whatever you want with them!
I believe this is a great way to upcycle newspapers and magazines that you don't need anymore :)



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    I love how these look - so unique! Do they take long to make? : )

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    I'm so glad you like them!
    The longest part is preparing the paper and making the rolls one by one. I am not sure exactly how long it takes because I used to make many all at once so that I could use them for many different projects...I am pretty sure that you can make them in an afternoon! Then gluing them together to compose the bowl is much faster! :)

    Thank you for your kind comments and also, thank you for following me! :D I would really love to see your paper bowl once you have tried it! Have fun!! :)

    I like the look with the watercolors :) Much better than if they were just block colors.

    I am glad you like it! :) You may need to put transparent varnish on it because watercolors tend to be very matt and dry.

    I will, thank you!! For the colored one, I colored each roll before I glued them together...these are the first ones I made and I didn't even have acrylic paint so I used watercolors lol

    I like both of them! thanks for sharing! Have a great day!

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    Thank you! Have a great day too!! :)