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Gabry2951 month ago

Grazie per il following :D

lindarose92 (author)  Gabry2951 month ago

Figurati! :D Pensavo di averlo già fatto prima, me ne sono accorta ieri!

Passion Make2 months ago

Thank you for following me :)

lindarose92 (author)  Passion Make2 months ago

No problem, I love your ibles! :) And thank you too!! :D

hunter9992 months ago

Congratulations on the Egg Contest! You did an egg-cellent job. Pun intended :D

lindarose92 (author)  hunter9992 months ago

haha that made me laugh!! :D Thank you so much! :)

Haha, I'm glad it did!! :D

786Ayesha2 months ago

Thank you so much for following me! Actually I should have thanked you pretty much earlier.Only now I noticed that I had not thanked you.Your inbl's are awesome.

lindarose92 (author)  786Ayesha2 months ago

Oh you don't have to worry, I love your projects!! :)

azharz2 months ago

Congrats on winning Egg contest.

lindarose92 (author)  azharz2 months ago

Thank you!! :)

hunter9992 months ago

Congratulations Linda on becoming a finalist! A worthy winner IMO! :D

lindarose92 (author)  hunter9992 months ago

Thank you so much Jinds!! :D

norkarami3 months ago


hi nice work, very usefull