Picture of Paper Kunai Knife
Finally a kunai made of paper (and a pencil)

Materials needed:

Paper (rectangle, not square)
Pencil (new and unsharpened)
Tape (duct tape recomended)

This is pretty simple and requires little origami knowledge.
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Step 1: Step one

Picture of Step one
Take a regular piece of paper and fold it in half long ways(hot dog style as the little ones would call it) and unfold so you have a nice crease. Then fold the edges in so you get a piece that looks close to the image.

Step 2: Fold in half

Picture of Fold in half
C:\Documents and Settings\Phillip\My Documents\My Pictures\paper\paper 003.jpg
Fold over the top towards you (hamburger style...) so it looks like the pictures.

Step 3: Step 3

Picture of Step 3
C:\Documents and Settings\Phillip\My Documents\My Pictures\paper\paper 006.jpg
Remember those paper airplanes you used to (and maybe you still do) make? Do something like that here. Also it will help for later if you crease a line underneath the triangle part of the first picture.
A suggestion by a certain commenter says that you should crease everything as much as you can after this step. I'm sure it will work

Step 4: Step 4

Picture of Step 4
Now using the line you hopefully just creased, fold over a part of it so the folded part touches the crease line in step 3, the middle, and the edge of the left side. In the picture, it looks like it doesn't touch the side but it does. Its just folding up. Unfold and do the same with the other side.

Step 5: Kind of Complicated...

Picture of Kind of Complicated...
C:\Documents and Settings\Phillip\My Documents\My Pictures\paper2\paper2.jpg
Now you should fold the bottom edges in like the first picture. Make sure they line up with the middle. After that, use the crease that you made in step 4 to determine where to refold the edges out They should line up with the crease like the picture (which is a wee bit dark. Sorry...)

Step 6: Get it to look like the kunai

Picture of Get it to look like the kunai
C:\Documents and Settings\Phillip\My Documents\My Pictures\paper\paper 010.jpg
Unfold the last fold you just made so it looks like the first photo from step five except with a crease. Fold over the flaps on that crease so one flap goes on the other.

Step 7: It's gonna kill you!

Picture of It's gonna kill you!
Ok, now you finished it. Or so you thought. Now you have to do the same thing again. Sorry!
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OscarH11 month ago

made it in school nobody cared LOL

dinocat42 years ago
dinocat42 years ago
im not dead
dude so cool i made mine with gold duct tape
wtf make better kunia
Cool it was eally easy to make!
eggbert1313 years ago
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man dat game hella bottsy man idk but only FAP lke dat just sain and FAP means fagget as ppl
ASSASSINS CREED IS EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hidankill3 years ago
madness...... This, Is, IMPOSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wonderdog013 years ago
Put a key ring on the end for a loop
MistaJay23 years ago
Lol, I made mine with orange duct tape! It still looks cool!
GamerFang4 years ago
o crap forget this ima be late for school XD
mrbunny1004 years ago
when i will make it i will kill you all
dragon03054 years ago
This thing doesent look like a real kuani from Naruto
sakuro844 years ago
it didn't kill me im a jashin
dude not right its "im a JANSHINIST
Halo nerfer5 years ago
How do you make it so small I don't get it My's 4 times the size of yours.

look at step 1/2. he folds the paper.

yay for sasori
Oh yeah make more please.........

sakuro844 years ago
This is cool i added a key ring from a key chain on to it does hurt because i threw it, but it came back and hit me.
sakuro844 years ago
ataching a loop is actually rlly easy, take a strip of tape, make a paper loop, put the tap in the loop so it looks like a cross from the top, attach to handel, secure


Puzzywuz174 years ago
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why did u guve a phone number that is probably not your

if it is for a prank it is all good i like pranks
bamcar14 years ago
bamcar14 years ago
bamcar14 years ago
bamcar14 years ago
ianhs14 years ago
come on is that the best you can do add more pics
Opolopolis7 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Note the "We have a 'be nice' comment policy"...
Muffins are just ugly cupcakes XD jk
lolz my sister has a shirt that says the same thing XD
aniahlator4 years ago
 I think it's about to kill meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeea;dauieygda6rkaP;/['>
orogamifan5 years ago
Is there any way to make em heavier so they're more realistic?
i usually fill it with hot glue
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