This is a marble run made from Paper and some Wire.

It took me 4 week ends to completer it
The marble run lasts approx 20 seconds

We are going to use the other white side of the printing paper to make the marble run.

Materials required
Printed Paper(About 200 printed pieces of paper .I got mine from old school dump.)
Internet wire(In this instructable I will call it wire)
Glue gun
Some working space
Duct tape
Cardboard(You go behind a shop and search for cartons and then cu out a piece of box board out of it and use it)You require 2 cartons.

Step 1: Making the stand

Picture of Making the stand
Take 4 pieces of A4 paper and roll them into tubes as thin as you can.
Then join the 4 of them using duct tape.This is set A

Make 3 set A's then join them together side by side as shown in the pictureThis is Set B

bunchong lol2 months ago

you need more tracks.

The_Warlock4 years ago
Yep Vishalapar did it again. Im a big fan!!!
salomon19964 years ago
this is soooo cool! great job! :D
vishalapr (author)  salomon19964 years ago
Thanks Glad you liked it