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lindarose922 years ago

Thank you for following me! :)

Thank you for following me:)

vishalapr (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya2 years ago

Your welcome :)

JimRD3 years ago
I don't think I ever thanked you for the patch - thanks!
samaddon3 years ago
Hey vishal , i have one question to ask from where did you've got this arduino in india i've searched in lucknow but they looked at me like fools they even don't know what it is and thery are running such huge electronics repair shop!
vishalapr (author)  samaddon3 years ago
I got my arduino duemilanove from eBay(Online) cheap and free shipping to India, I got a freeduino from a local store, In Hyderabad there is an area which is famous for electronic stuff, and they had pretty much all electronic components at very cheap prices and they had arduino's as well, but they were a little expensive as they were imported.
(They sold motors for cheap but for a micro servo they asked 600Rs = 12$ whereas on eBay I got 4 micro servos for 10$)
WWC3 years ago
Thanks for following my page. BTW did you get my personal fan sketch to compile?
vishalapr (author)  WWC3 years ago
Yes I did I just had to download the a newer version of the ultrasonic library
AshleighLm4 years ago
How'd you make ur profile pic?
vishalapr (author)  AshleighLm4 years ago
I made an ible on it go check it out :D
Woot! We both made 2nd in the Zip Tie contest! Great job on the Zip Tie Lights! Congrats! Now onto the chop sticks!
vishalapr (author)  BladeFyre Studios5 years ago
Weird....my sea urchin night light won against zip-lights but sea urchin night light did not get featured...?!
Yeah, but the Sea Urchin lights came towards the end of the contest, maybe thats why!?! (And they are a bit cooler than the Zip Lights)
Yea! Your Zip-Tie light got Featured AND Front Page!!! Congratz!!!
vishalapr (author)  BladeFyre Studios5 years ago
Thx! Your Basket also got featured on front page right?!