Hey guys! A quick little Instructible for those of you who want your own personal flying shuttle! Hopefully, we can keep this amazing space explorer flying a little longer.

I'll be adding more detailed descriptions in each of the steps soon!

Step 1:

Step 35: Ready for Launch!

Toss the shuttle by the lower handle. If it climbs and stalls, lower the elevator. If it dives, raise the elevator. If it spirals, curl the vertical stabilizer in the opposite direction of the spin. Most importantly, have fun!
<p>great work but some steps are quite difficult,can you make a video :(</p>
Does it really fly
Can you make a F-15 Eagle?
can you please add a video
can u please add a video? <br>
can u make a b-2 spirit....?
Origami or micro-sized?
origami preferably.... oh and a super hornet ( unless i'm asking for to much)
extreamly confused on this step on how you got it to look how it deos please explain<br>
That's a great model! can you try out an E2c Hawkeye?
Thats gonna be a pretty tough, but ill give it a shot!
cool! it would look nice once you're done.
Btw, did you want an origami-ish one or a micro-sized cutout version of one?
well, it would be hard to make an origami versoin, but if you can figure it out, it would be really cool.
The Tomahawk is similar in layout to the Hawkeye. You are welcome to develop off of it should you choose to. :)
Thanks! I'll make sure to visit the Tomohawk instructable if I work on a micro version of the Hawkeye.
Check out Swakker Shuttle! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHrBhtNCvgY
will do!
Some annotations onthe photos or text would help with clarity.
I'm working on that right now. Unfortunately, there are many steps so it might take awhile :(
This is surely the best paper glider I've ever seen! Congratulations!
Many thanks! I'm working on a couple other gliders with a similar construction, but if you have any particular planes you want to see &quot;paper-fied&quot;, let me know!

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