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I like your instructables.

Hey, thanks for following!
Lunkapiller2 years ago
Hey! I really love your staple planes. :) Do you have any more models that you would share? I'd love to test them out!
DAV7064 years ago
do you like cars?
pmet (author)  DAV7064 years ago
I guess you could say that. I'm more into airplanes though.
RSV26 pmet3 years ago
which is your fave aircraft? my is F22 RAPTOR
DAV7064 years ago
can you make an album of your modified die-cast cars on your facebook or website?
pmet (author)  DAV7064 years ago
I will try to. I also might add a gallery to this instructable.
do u hav pics of other cars u modded on a website or somthing?
pmet (author)  8refyeigfye85 years ago
Unfortunately I do not. I will hopefully put pictures of my other cars on this instructable.