I wanted to see if papercrafting was possible using aluminium cans (ie. Coke cans), I did a bit of a google around and there doesn't seem to be a lot of information on the subject, so I figured I'd do some research and try a few techniques out to see what I could come up with.  I've split this into sections to make it a little easier to read.
If you've never made anything out of papercraft before, I suggest you look elsewhere Papercraft Museum and make something out of paper, it takes a significant amount of more effort (and time) to work with aluminium.

Step 1: Flattening Aluminium Cans

First up, I used a knife to cut the top and bottom off the can (you can use scissors, but you'll need to use a knife to get a start to it) and then using scissors to chop the cans into a piece I can flatten. After you've cut them into sheets like that, neaten the edges by using a pair of scissors to cut them straight and make sure there's no little sharp bits.
The method for flattening the cans that I've found works best is to use a sandwich maker (an old one, don't ruin your good sandwich maker!!). Before turning it on, lay down a piece of baking paper on the bottom, put about 4 cans in, then add another layer of baking paper on the top (this should help prevent at least a little bit of damage to the sandwich maker).
Hold the cans down flat as you close the lid, once you've done that, turn the sandwich maker on.
I haven't fully experimented with getting the best efficiency here, but I left it on for 10 minutes with 4 cans in there, then turned it off and let it cool before I opened it.
Taadaa! Flat cans!
Other methods I have tried are:
* Ironing (Does nothing)
* Ironing and bending at the same time. This method works, but you end up with your piece looking a little bit bent as it's hard to get it as flat as you would in a sandwich maker.
* Clamping it between 2 pieces of wood. This does absolutely nothing, if you leave it for a day or a week, they bend right back to their natural shape.
It seems like heat is very important in getting these things to stay flat.

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