Paracord Quick Deploy Bracelet





Introduction: Paracord Quick Deploy Bracelet

This bracelet carries 10' of paracord and a stainless steel Fish Bone Gear Tie. It's simple to weave and even easier to deploy. 

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Caution: Never wear a bracelet around machinery or any situation where it could be caught or hung up. Severe injure may occur.  

Step 1: Make 3 Loops

Take 10' of cord and lay out three loops. The lengths in the picture are 9" long. They will be shortened later.

Take the long end and begin wrapping it around the two lower loops. You'll do a zig zag weave in between them. 

Step 2: Keep It Tight

As you're adding the weave push everything tight together. This helps fit all 10' onto the bracelet. Keep going until all the cord is used.

Step 3: Shorten the Loops

Now that everything is in place you have to shorten all 3 loops. Start by pulling the single loop. That's the one on the right hand side of the picture. This will reduce the 2 lower loops. Once the lower loops are both about 1/2" long, thread one through the other. 

Step 4: Add the Fish Bone

Thread the single loop side through the eye of the Fish Bone. Hook the loop over the front hook. Attach the other side to the tail. Make the final adjustment by pulling the tail end of the cord. Trim off the excess and melt the ends. 

Thanks for reading. 

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Very cool & seems pretty easy!

where can i get the fish bone gear tie

They're available at

Great guide, made learning the weave very easy. I changed it a little from a bracelet to a lanyard for my knife.


is there a survival use for the fishbone or is it just the clasp?

Hi where can I find the fish bone if I can't make it

Awesome. Now I have a use for my fish bone's rather than just letting them sit in a drawer. :)

Have you thought about wrapping the remaining standing end (that you cut off at the end) around the rest of the fish bone? I hate being left with small pieces of paracord.

This is an awesome idea! Must try

Fantastic! So happy to see the survival bracelet come to life!!! Now for a paracord & multiple Fish Bone belt!

Have you started mass production yet? If so please post a link so I may purchase one (or a few) as well as share it with friends/family. Living in WI we do lots of camping and these would come in handy!!