I made this wallet from approximately 28' of gutted paracord. As long as you have a pararcord needle (also called a fid) this project is no problem. You can purchase them online or make one yourself. Mine was an aluminum tent stake before I machined it on my lathe.  

Enter the Paracord Contest!!! Awesome prizes are up for grabs!

Step 1: Measure your money

Picture of Measure your money
The measurements are based off a dollar. I wanted it to be big enough to hold folded bills. With that in mind I took five 3"x5" cards and cut them down to 2&3/4" wide. I did the same to another 5 cards and taped them offset so they measured 6&1/4" long (a dollar is 6" long). These taped off cards served as my form. Having completed the project I would recommend adding 3/4" more length to the form past the length of the bill. I only did 1/4" longer and it left the bills hanging out some.   
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jayb85212 months ago
i think it is too tricky for me so ill try later!!! ? great idea though
bardbard3 months ago

great idea I have the paracord now I need to make a paracord needle

Cool idea! I love it

bobbyflay20193 months ago

Little time consuming, but when you are watching your favorite movie or show, it pays off.

icould095 months ago

thanks for instruction

icould095 months ago

I saw your instruction and I've decided to fo this. olive green and electric blue.thanks for idea.

icould09 made it!5 months ago

I saw your instruction and ı've decided to do this.olive green and electric blue

icould09 made it!5 months ago

I saw your instruction and ı've decided to do this.olive green and electric blue

Eman52071145 months ago

thanks for the instructable. I left one cord out of the weave on the back to help keep the money in

Naudie-Maudie5 months ago
Would love to try this it looks amazing
MyEvilSelf made it!6 months ago
Thanks for this instructable! I love my wallet

WOW I wish, I had a piece of time to do something like this for myself,

watching this I realised, that I must show you my design! , nearly looks the same, I found a fabric looking like these waves, my shop is called manashop (mana - you know, the power ;) and I design and sew it in Poland :) so the ending of the web adresse is ".pl " - there you can check other designs made by me manashop . p l wchich are made of similar weave material.

PB210489m.jpgPA220244 (Kopiowanie).JPGPA280277m.JPG
Pword made it!1 year ago

black and olive green. Turned out nice jus wish it was sturdier. Still pretty cool instructable

got to love the Kershaw kyro
BLACKbanana26 made it!7 months ago

Mrballeng, thank you for this Instructable! It inspired me to make other designs of paracord wallets. I entered my most recent one in the Paracord Challenge. It is only the third of my designs, but I called it version 4.0 because I'm counting yours as version 1.0. Good luck in the contest! (Here are versions 3.0 and 4.0)

Mrballeng (author)  BLACKbanana267 months ago
Very cool! That's what this is all about. You got my vote.
Did you use 28' of black and 28' of Orange
Matthew20009 months ago
Jarheadicus9 months ago
I like this a lot. Gonna make a bunch in my school colors and try to sell them. It should sell well because i go to a military school
javan.thomas.710 months ago

I haven't tryed the plans out yet. but they look great

Lilworm33710 months ago

I went step by step from your instructions because I like the way yours came out but I just used different colors. Instructions was spot on.

Lilworm33710 months ago
doverturf211 months ago

I will definitely have to make another, but I enjoy the one I made. It is a little short on one side so my cards stick out a little more than I would like. Overall, I really like this project!

n_d_hanks1 year ago
I liked this idea and wanted to try it, but I didn't think I would ever use the end product. So, I sort of tweaked the idea to made it my own. Thanks for the inspiration! I used a piece of cardboard that I cut from a box, instead of index cards and if you're wondering the dimensions I used were 1.25" × 5". Inside the pockets are some rare earth axially polarized disk magnets that I are 1/16" thick and 1" in diameter. They're very strong, but not so much so that they make it difficult to open the clip.
WendyT72 made it!1 year ago

Working without a fid or flat iron so my results are not as sharp but I really love this Ible!

k1717 made it!1 year ago

i made one and it turned out awesom. all you have to do is use a peice of cardboard cut to 7 1/4x3 inches to be able to fit your money and stuff inside . you can really see it but it is large enough to put at least 20 bills inside, and be able to get them out without to much hassle my credit card and i.d are in the other side


I'm stuck on the card part because, you make it hard to understand. But that's just my opinion so, can you help me out

All I had was black, but the wallet turned out great. There are no signs of wear and tear after about a week. Thanks for the awesome instructable.

worldlrnr1 year ago
Love it!!!!! I am putting this on my craft room board on Pinterest
Sambataro1 year ago
I just made one today, after having this to ny favorites for some time. took two hours to make with multiple mistakes, but it came out lovely! Thank you for the indestructible!
I loved this, and so I made my own. Great idea and not too hard to make!!
Mango-nyan made it!1 year ago

Black looks just great with orange. Wish the wallet had a separate compartment for notes, though (not even thinking about a pocket for change - yet).
Anyway, great instructable. Made me buy some paracord just to try it.

Mrballeng (author)  Mango-nyan1 year ago

This is awesome. Thanks for posting pictures too!!!

gator2351 year ago

You might could do this with shoelaces if you had a lot laying around and fused them together. Maybe.

Normal Person: "I wish I would have brought some paracord..."

These people: "WALLET!"

Yea the second one was my reaction so yea

limun20001 year ago
you have my vote
your_dragon113 made it!1 year ago

I made this one up last night....it was a lot of fun (until I broke my fid and had to make a new one).

I'm looking to see how one might improve the design. Yet I love this and will Have to make more.

Thanks for the post and I'll post any suggestions I come across :)

Mrballeng (author)  your_dragon1131 year ago
Awesome! Thanks for sharing that. Looks great.
Bobey1 year ago
I have heard of duck tape wallets but never para cord wallets! Awesome!
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