Outdoor Chaise Lounge made from Pallet Wood

Picture of Outdoor Chaise Lounge made from Pallet Wood
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Awhile back I wanted to build my own chaise lounge chair, since a large majority of the store bought one's are cheaply made from plastic. One day I was searching the internet for plans/idea's for building my chaise lounge chair, when I ran into to an article titled "Build a Lounge Chair from Pallets". Well this was my inspiration.

I decided to do a nice looking modern streamlined lounge chair from wood mainly from pallets. Where I work we have at least 100-150 pallets out back. So at the beginning of this past summer (for about a month) I started collecting certain pallets, which were nicely made compared to the norm. Once I had enough good pieces of wood the project was on.

I used a router, rounded the ends of the slats. Lots of sanding was involved with this project (about 30$ in sandpaper), and a lot of TLC. Please note that the 2 main side rails were not from pallets, they were purchased from HomeDepot for 1$ each (scrap pieces). All together I spent close too 100$ for supplies (sandpaper, stain, varathane, deck screws, and ECT).

Please forgive me for takimg so long to update this instructable, Most of the build pictures I had taken were on my cell phone.   Cell phone crashed awhile back, I was able to recover some of the pictures. These pictures show some of the details for the back rest support. The pivot is kind of unique, it came from an x-y adjusting table that was being scrapped at work. For Staining I found it was easier to use gel stain (color honey) if I remember correctly. I ended up putting on 4 coats of varithane, lightly sanding with 320 grit between coats. One thing I learned was water based varithane still clouds up, when chair gets really wet, this is after 3 months. Next time I will make sure to use an oil base product. You can put the chair out in the rain 3 hours after your done applying it, and it stay's perfectly sealed.

Gorgeous chaise! This is the prettiest piece of found wood furniture. Thank you for you I'ble.
Gorgeous chaise! This is the prettiest piece of found wood furniture. Thank you for you I'ble.
Gorgeous chaise! This is the prettiest piece of found wood furniture. Thank you for you I'ble.
Gorgeous chaise! This is the prettiest piece of found wood furniture. Thank you for you I'ble.
xiel3 months ago

nice work. This louger might cost 600$ in the market.

calarata_948 months ago

Hey man, it looks awesome!! any chance you have a link to the article? Thanks

pconahan10 months ago
Any chance you could take a picture from behind pivot? Beautiful chair!
Skaishadow1 year ago
Very nice chair. Warm honey color really makes it pop. Good idea to router the edges of the slats- adds a finished look and probably more comfortable too.
foobear1 year ago
foobear1 year ago
jpmercado72 years ago

Awesome chairs!!

Could you send me the link of the detailed instructable? (if you were able to make it)..

scrapmaster (author) 2 years ago
I am working on a more detailed instructable. Give me a couple of days, By then I should have everything updated. THANKS