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I wanted a table for my back patio but when I started pricing them I discovered that I could either pay $80 or more for a nice one or get a really cheap and flimsy table for about $20. Neither choice sounded good, so I thought of a way to make my own. I had an old coffee table in my shed that I had used before but it had a glass table top and since I have grandkids who visit I didn't want to have to worry about one of them getting a little rambunctious and breaking the glass. The table itself is solid wood and sturdy. I knew I could get some 1" x 4" x 8' boards and make a new table top.

Step 1: Supplies needed

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You will need an old wooden table frame, 1" x 4" 's, I needed 5 of them. (I cut 2 boards- 36" out of each one) wood glue, nails or screws, jigsaw, sandpaper paint and paint brush.
brianfss2 years ago
very nice. Can i suggest using finish nails instead? Fill the holes after driving them. You will be happier with the look after you paint the table. Also, why did you wait for an hour to nail the top? Wood glue works best under pressure, so nailing them as you glue will give you a stronger joint.
elewis032 years ago